2 People Killed In A Horrific Car Accident

Troy Bailey

Final Draft


2 People Killed In A Horrific Car Accident

        There was 2 people killed in a horrific car accident in stoughton massachusetts around 5:09 P.M. The crash was pretty bad is what the neighbors had said, they said that they heard a screech then a big explosion and they knew that someone got into a big explosion. I guess that it is a common thing for accidents on their street because in the article it says that the neighbors said “Here we go again” what the neighbors said when they heard the accident.

        Judging from what the neighbors had said when they heard the accident that this happens a lot. There is still no clear reason to how they crashed but the neighbors say that speeding is usually a problem on the street. Maybe if the police want to stop this from happening again and people losing lives they could put up a speed trap to check the peoples speed and make sure that they are not speeding endangering themselves and others while doing it. It could save their lives and the lives of others that could be affected or hurt from it. The speed trap would check their speed causing the drivers to probably slow down so they do not get caught and this would make the street a lot safer.

        The two names of the people that were in the truck that had died have been released and the driver of the trucks name is Michael E. Luddington who is 48 and the person in the passenger name is Angela Goodrich who is 38. This is a really sad event because those people still had half of their lives ahead of them and they could have done amazing things with their lives but driving dangerously takes lives and can ruin families. I would suggest to the police to mae that road a little bit safer. Some of the debris from the accident was all of the street littering the street with it and the back wheels were catapulted halfway down the block. Some neighbors rushed out to scene of the crash yelling “Hello, Hello, Are you alive in there!.” there was no response from them. The 2 people that went out to help tried to flip the truck and get them out of the truck but the two people were already dead.

        When I first saw this article it made me scared for a couple of minutes because my grandparents live in stoughton and as they get older it is harder for them to drive and when I saw it, it made my heart drop and I was nervous. As I read though I found out who were the people that passed away. That still scared me enough to make sure that my grandparents were ok and for me to call them. The police should really consider putting up a speed trap up on that street so that people could be more safe driving because I know I would not want my family getting into an accident there and I know other families would not want that either.