21st Century Conferences

Gabrielle Larocque   

November 15, 2017



      This past Thursday the 9th, at Middleboro High School, the whole school participated in a full day of 21st century conferences to prepare them for the their future. Prior to Thursday, most students signed up for their workshops online, this ensured that they were able to take workshops that they were interested in. You could choose from many different workshops, and set up your schedule for that day.

        The classes ranged from things like stress management coping strategies, to how to buy a car. There was a class for everyone. If you were a senior or junior, there was classes to help you survive college and things after high school. If you were an underclassmen, there was classes to help you enjoy your time at highschool, and things that can help you in your everyday life.

        Some of these classes were learning how and when to call 911, self defense and on campus safety, free stuff at the library, learning how to zentangle, and many more classes for everyone to take.

        Each class was unique in a lot of different ways. Some classes were lead by guest presenters. For an example, self defense was led by martial art professionals, who taught the class ways to stay safe in any situation. Each class had teachers and staff from MHS who helped the guest presenter with their presentation, and maybe participate in the activities.

        Along with the workshops that everyone signed up for, each class had to take the “Find your Inner Ninja” course which took place in the auditorium. Allyssa Beird, was the guest speaker. She is a Middleboro Henry B Burkland Elementary school 5th grade teacher, who inspires many with her journey on American Ninja Warrior. American Ninja Warrior is a tv show, where people from all over the country compete on a ninja course. Allyssa Beird, was on the show two seasons in a row, and made it to the Las Vegas finals. In her workshop she talked about how she found her success and how making goals helped her achieve. She taught everyone how she found her inner ninja.

        Overall, the day benefitted everyone. Students learned many new things, whether they were essential for their future, or if it was information that wasn’t as necessary. You also got to meet more people, because most of the classes were all the grades mixed. It also brought together the community, because many parents got to help and bring in snacks and baked goods for the students during their break.

        I personally think this should be a yearly thing here at Middleboro High School. Each year, the workshops could all be based around something else. It could help benefit all students, and especially the incoming freshman with their transition into high school. It was a fun experience, and I think it went well. But, I do not think we should do it more than once a year, because I feel it then would get to repetitive and become less interesting.