5 signs of a healthy relationship/friendship

Jenna Oldro

May 14, 2018

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5 signs of a healthy relationship/friendship



  1. Loyalty – In every relationship, loyalty is everything and once that loyalty is destroyed you have broken a bond, and broken trust between the two individuals. When the Loyalty is there it is easy for the relationship to roll smoothly. Loyalty does not just mean not cheating on your partner it also means that you are not making them look stupid by talking bad about them, or going behind their back doing things they would not want you to. Friends also need to show loyalty, Friends loyalty is different than in a relationship, if you and another individual are in a disagreement, usually your friend would not be best buddies with them, that may cause an issue with you and them. They also will not go behind your back and talk bad on your name.
  2. Honesty – When you and your significant other tell each other everything, you don’t have to worry about much. Honesty connects with loyalty in a way, if you are honest you may not be loyal, but your partner will always believe you, the trust will forever remain the same, if you never break it in the first place. If you were to do something wrong in a relationship, being honest about it and admitting to what you did, makes it easier for you and your partner to overcome what had happened. Friends are similar, honestly will always be the best policy, and when your friends are honest with you, you know they can be a good friend to keep around when you need real life advice.
  3. Communication- Communicating with your partner allows you both to be civil with each other, allowing more trust with what you may be doing for the day, letting each other know your plans if you are busy or not. Also communicating with each other allows you to work through arguments, and talking things out instead of coming at each other throwing things they have done wrong in their face, to make a bigger issue. Communication is not also in relationships, friendships need communication as well. Friends need to talk about things they may not like, or if they feel uncomfortable in a situation.
  4. Acceptable-They need to accept you for who you are and what you have done in the past, a good lasting relationship needs to have forgiveness in order to work. If your partner is acceptable they will not live on your past and what you have done. They will also accept the changes you make in your life, and the way you want to do things. They will adore the way you do the little things, other than curse you for them. Your friends will also accept you for the way you want to be or the way you live your life
  5. Equality- In a healthy relationship, the partners should be treated equally, should have the same rights, can do the same thing that the other is doing, things like going out, talking to other friends, being able to hang out with friends, and other activities. Equality does not always just mean what you guys are doing, but in a serious relationship, one partner should not be doing all the work. For an example, bills, if you are not paying the bills maybe you should clean the house, buy the food, buy the little things needed around a house if living together. You and your friend should always be equal, if your friends struggling you help them, if you are struggling they should help you, equality.