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On sunday November 25th, 2018 Donald Trump seized an immigration attempt of a Caravan of 500 immigrants headed towards the Southern U.S Border. At this moment people are trying to use this immigration issue as an attempt to Bolster the Presidents Presidency.


This event was warned weeks ahead of time during the midterm elections by President Trump. He had said there was a migrant caravan that was traveling across Mexico making its way to the U.S.  Knowing this information, Donald Trump sent troops to the border to hopefully prevent the immigration attempt, but what critics are now calling a political stunt.


As Donald Trump promised he had seized the unrest at the southern border. President Trump is using this as a way to hike Mexico as well as a way to squeeze is political opponents and to demand funding for his border wall which he is now considering a government funding shutdown.


Donald Trump is outraged by the fact that the government is refusing to fund is wall, he goes on to say that you can do it by land, sea, or air but you will not make it into the US. Many illegal immigrants have entered the US and Donald Trump is refusing to let this keep happening, he even tweeted “Congress Fund the Wall”.


Trump reacted to the reports of both local and federal blockades were overwhelmed by these migrants. This led to the biggest crossing of Tijuana mexico and San Diego. Trump even said if need be he will close the border if he can’t find a way to keep these illegal immigrants out.


Many criticize the use of tear gas at the border. Trump had justified it as the immigrants trying to push and run into the United States had been throwing rocks at border patrol officers. Border crossings had been closed on both sides for several hours and there had seemed to not be a single breach in the frontier.


Trump and Congress are at the moment facing a two week deadline to fund the government or face a partial federal shutdown. Donald Trump is hoping that he will finally be able to win his funding for his plan on the southern US. border wall.


Donald Trump has another big summit this week . At the G20 in Argentina, people believe there is a chance for another political fallout as Donald Trump will be meeting with the President of China President Xi Jinping. This is the most contentious moments as the trade war against China continues to go on. This will be a huge discussion at the summit.


Donald Trump’s plans are looking good he will hopefully be able to end the trade war with China and hopefully be able to fund his wall ultimately leading to a halt in illegal immigration in the United States.