News Story Article 12

December 4th,2018

Erika Early


Ariana Grande has recently came out with a new song titled “Thank You Next”. It is in this song where she disses four of her most known ex boyfriends. These include Ricky Alvarez, Big Sean,Pete Davidson and Mac Miller. Mac just recently passed away and has had a big impact on Ariana and her music. Pete Davidson and Ariana just recently called off their engagement. Pete has been getting online but also in person  bullied for the past 9 months. It has now gotten even worse after the pairs split.

The Music Video for the song just recently came out five days ago and now has over one hundred and fifteen million views. It broke the Youtube record for most views within a twenty four hour release.There was so much curiosity around the video that the comments were delayed when it was first released. I personally was very confused when it first came out as I wanted to see the comments as well as many other people.

 The music video is based on nostalgic 2000’s movies. Theses include Mean Girls, Bring It On, Legally Blonde and 13 going on 30.

Fans around the world are  going crazy as the music video features many celebrities. In the Mean Girls portion of the video Jonathan Bennett  reprised his role as Aaron Samuels. Kris Jenner plays Mrs.George.Troye Sivan, Colleen Ballinger and Gabi Demartino, Stefanie Drummond all play students in the intro. Elizabeth Gillies Cady Heron.

For the Legally Blonde portion of the video Jennifer Coolidge reprises her role as Paulette Bonafonte.

In the 13 going on 30 portion of the video Victoria Monet plays one of Ariana’s bridesmaids. It is here where she pokes fun at her engagement with Pete Davidson.

In the Bring It On part in the video Colleen Ballinger and Daniella Monet play “Toros.”Matt Bennett played Cliff. And Nekai Johnson, Patience Aquart, Tayla Parx and Luz Remigio all played “Clovers”.

Ariana had many people casted on to the show from her hit Nickelodeon Show “Victorious”. This includes Daniella Monet, Elizabeth Gillies, and Matt Bennett. This had many fans of the Nickelodeon show excited about their appearances.

At first I personally didn’t really like the song. It was after hearing it on the radio for the hundredth time where I sort of started to like it. I felt that “dissing” her exes was cool as it was  unexpected from her as an artist. There is much controversy around the topic as many people find it is considered as bullying the men. I disagree as I think it was meant to be a joke and she just wanted to take her music in a different direction after her split with Pete Davidson.

All in all I think the views Ariana received are well worth it. She took her music in a different direction and basically broke the internet. The song is really catchy and will definitely be stuck in all of our heads for this month of December.