6 Year Old Boy Dies After Drunk Driver Hits Him And His Father

Troy Bailey

Final Draft

Journalism 1


        A 6 year old boy and his father were riding their little motorbike at about 11:30 P.M and a drunk driver was driving down their street and hit them fatally hitting them and sending them to the hospital. The 6 year old boy died in the hospital and his father was undergoing surgery. The father ended up losing his leg after undergoing surgery. The police reported that the motor bike has no lights or reflectors on it and neither of them were wearing a helmet. The driver that hit them also went to the hospital and they reported him to have alcohol on his breath, he was staggering and slurring his words while talking. So he is suspected to be driving under the influence and he also had a suspended driving license while drunk pending toxicology report.

        Drunk driving is a serious problem there is nearly ⅓ of traffic related deaths are from drunk drivers driving under the influence. There is one death every 51 minutes from an alcohol impaired driving accident. That is a lot of people that die from these accidents, people that will not be able to able to go back to their families and homes. Last year there was also 1.1 million drivers arrested for driving under the influence, and that is just the people that were caught, imagine the people that were not that could have injured others and seriously affected someone’s family. There is a really big problem with drunk driving there is something that really needs to be done to prevent this to further happen.

        My opinion on drunk driving is to find a solution, and there is many options to do so. First maybe the bar can keep track of how many drinks a person can have and cut them off once they reach a certain amount to keep from them driving drunk. The bars can also have a breathalyzer to make sure that they can legally be able to drive, and also test them when they get there to make sure that they have not already been drinking and can be able to drive after they cut them off. The bars can also not cut them off but after they drink a certain limit they can make them hand them their keys and have an uber or taxi come pick them up and drive them home. Taking their keys would make sure that people will not be tempted to drive and they could come back for their keys in the morning. This could help with the accidents and deaths from drunk driving and help from people not being able to coming home to their families and friends.