A Clean Room

Kara McManus


It is said that a tidy room is a tidy mind. If this is the case, why are some students so organized in school, yet so disheveled at home. Papers that are properly organized and graded may go from a neat pile, to crumpled in a ball in the corner of a bedroom. The filing system used for assignments, is soon destroyed when the paper misses the trash can. Clothes on students may look organized, but as soon as they get home the dirty clothes are thrown under the bed or to the bottom of the closet.

        The stereotypical “teenage room”, would be described by most adults as “a mess”, or “disastrous”. Sometimes this is not the case.  Although a majority of students who keep a neat room are most likely not affected by this, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) may affect some of the cleanest of people. The disorder may cause an obsession with cleaning and making things perfect. The perfection achieved is only temporary until something is found out of place.

        Having a clean room takes work. Daily picking up, and dusting. Constantly fixing wrinkles in the bed, and folding clothes. A clean room is a commitment that not many young people are willing to make. The idea of having to take extra time and effort just to make a bed you are going to get back into, does not appeal to them. Those who have made the sacrifice of an extra five minutes feel that they have a sense of pride in their home and the materials they possess.

        Some would say the happy medium of cleaning a room would be to maintain a steady routine. For example making your bed on weekdays, and skipping on weekends. Putting laundry away, vacuuming are just some of the other things people use to clean their room. Opening curtains is another job many people tend to everyday. They feel that it opens up their room, and brings natural light in. This allowing for what they feel is a cleaner lifestyle, rather than a dark closed off space.

        The cleanliness of a room can affect the overall lifestyle of a person. The way they carry themselves may be caused by how neat they keep their private/at home life. The organization that goes on behind closed doors, is a quick look into the person’s mind. If they decide to carry themself as an unorganized person, their room will reflect it. If they decide that they would like to live a clean, organized lifestyle, the place where they spend a majority of their time will most likely follow the path of that obtainable lifestyle.

        In order to live in a clean room, you must be willing to take the steps to reach that goal. Just by taking an extra few minutes in the morning, the changes you will see, will not only impress you but it may impress others around you. By tidying up behind a closed door, your public life may see drastic positive chang