Animals Domesticating Themselves?

Katelyn Levesque


In 2003, Nick Jans, his wife, and their dog Dakodah went to take their dog for a walk in the cold and never knew what that they would see as soon they did.

They were all taking their morning stroll in cold Juneau, Alaska when suddenly, something they had never seen before happened. A large black object of what they thought was a dog started walking towards them.

Their dog, Dakotah, immediately ran up to the object and started to stare it down. Nick and his wife approached them both slowly only to realize that it was not a dog at all, but a wolf.

Later the dog and wolf had a complete stare down until the wolf started to play with the dog like a normal puppy. Research is showing that more and more animals are acting less vicious towards humans and domesticated animals, as if they are domesticated themselves.

One reason this might be happening is because the human population is so overcrowded that everywhere the animals go there are humans and human domesticated animals and they follow and copy what those animals do.

This can be very fun to see wildlife up close and get to interact with them, but it is also very dangerous. If the wildlife gets too comfortable then that could make it easier for bad people to take them, trap them and hurt them. If people keep interacting with them so much as they are now, there won’t be any “wild” animals left to see.

Also, if animals are showing signs that they are comfortable around humans more and more that is dangerous because then people will want them as pets. That is bad because people can get the diseases that the animals carry with them if they bring them into their houses and raise them as pets.

In some cases, people bring animals into their houses because they are so cute and little. What those people don’t think about at that time, is that those animals will eventually grow and become more dangerous because they are wild and unpredictable.

Many people have had cases of getting hurt or injured by animals that they tried to domesticate and make their pets. Obviously we should just let wild animals be wild while they still have the space in the world before the humans take it all away from them.

In my opinion these animals should just be left alone so they don’t hurt us and we don’t hurt them. Yes it is amazing that the wolf interacts with dogs and humans in Alaska, but as soon as that wolf hurts a human or dog because they were fighting, he is going to have to be killed. The humans will get over the death soon but the wolf will still be dead and it wasn’t his fault.

It’s so sad to see things like that happen but that is why humans should leave wild animals alone, and then wild animals will leave them alone.