Are Dress Codes Beneficial in Schools?

Dyllan Welby


For years many schools have always had a dress code that determined whether or not students outfits were appropriate and allowed in school. Dress codes differ depending on the school but many public and private schools have some form of one.

        Many people argue about whether or not a dress code is needed and if it is beneficial at all. Usually students are against dress codes and feel as if as long as they have a top and bottoms on they should have the right to be whatever they want.

        Parents usually have many different opinions. Some agree completely with the idea of dress codes and find them less distracting towards other students. While other parents feel their child should be free to dress however they please. Then their are the parents who feel a dress code is needed, just not as strict as the ones most schools are given.

        Sometimes teachers even have controversy about dress codes. Though since they work in the school systems that have came up with these codes they don’t always agree with them. Even though they have to enforce these rules as part of their job it doesn’t mean they agree with them.

        Dress codes have been argued for as long as they have been created for. Both sides seem to have good information to back them up. But which really is the best thing?

        Those in favor of dress codes have a few good reasons to back it up. Some feel that without a dress code sometimes girls’ outfits are distracting towards male students. One thing that is used to stop this from happening  is the 3-4 finger rule. This rule prevents students from wearing shirts where the straps or less than 3 or 4 fingers wide. Another rule some schools use is that when you wear shorts they must go down to the tip of your fingers when you put your arms next to your sides.

        Another reason why some feel school dress codes are beneficial is because they make sure there is no inappropriate writing or pictures on the clothing. Some students wear shirts to school that contain inappropriate and or offensive words or pictures. By having a dress code it will stop students from wearing these things without a punishment.

        While some find these reasons to be enough to show that a dress code is needed in school systems, others disagree. Some feel that no matter what students should have the right to dress however they please.

        One main argument that people who disagree with dress codes make is questioning why how much of your shoulders your shirt shows could be distracting towards other students. Many find confusion towards this and find it ridiculous.

        Another argument that mostly female students make is that if their clothes distract boys from learning so much maybe the problem isn’t them but rather the male students. They say if so, they shouldn’t be punished for the strange minds male students have.

        Lastly, students feel that it is their right as an American to be free to dress however they please without having school systems come in the way. They feel as long as nothing inappropriate is revealed then it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing.

        In my personal opinion, I feel a dress code is needed. But not as strict as the ones most schools have. I feel as long as your shorts cover you the length doesn’t matter. Also I feel the same about shirts. Students should be able to wear shirts with any length straps as long as the shirts aren’t too revealing.

        One rule i do believe should stay the same is not wearing clothes with inappropriate or offensive images and writing. I feel that this is a good rule to make sure that nobody feels hurt or attacked by the things displayed on some clothing.

        Overall, both sides have good arguments on the matter. I feel both are right in their own way and compromises would be the best way to come up with a fair solution for both parties.