Benefits of Makeup

 By: Sydney Curpenski



Being satisfied with yourself is something that is not overrated. Accomplishments, even as small as doing your makeup, payoff in the long run. Starting off your day feeling put together and beautiful should be felt by everyone. Makeup relaxes you in the morning and gets you  ready for the day. When nothing in life is certain, You can guarantee that your makeup routine will be.

I think everyone, both male and female, should have the chance to experiment with makeup. Personally, I love makeup more than anything. It is more of a passion to me than a daily chore I must perform. I have always been a girly girl and have worn makeup faithfully since the seventh grade, when I had severe acne. It was a way for me to feel better about myself when I had skin issues and didn’t have a lot of self confidence. Even now, with clear skin, I believe it is a confidence booster for ALL women, and men. Instead of hiding behind my foundation like I use to, I use makeup as a way to highlight my features.

Makeup is something that should not be used to mask an individual, but to enhance their natural features. I think at some point in our lives, everyone has learned that a caked face is never the way to go. Makeup is an outlet for creativity and should be used to make girls feel better about themselves. Makeup is fun and experimental to many people including myself. I enjoy waking up in the morning and toying around with my eyeshadow and contour kit. It is something I look forward to each and every day. No matter how much time I have in the morning, I make room for my favorite thing to do.

When I do my makeup in the morning it makes me feel put together, no matter what the rest of me may look like. If I have a bad day, at least I know I will feel good in my own skin and I feel confident in the way I present myself. I no longer use makeup to hide myself, I use it to feel powerful and ready to take on anything. Feeling confident is something that can never be taken away from you, no matter the mindset of others.

A basic makeup routine totally depends on the person applying the makeup, and how bold you want to go. My daily routine starts with a clean face, and some Urban Decay primer. Then apply a base, whether it be a BB Cream or full coverage foundation. Next, spice things up with a light contour and highlight. Go in with a brow pencil of your choice and color. The key trick for light eyeshadow is actually your highlight. Slap a little on the lid and it will tie your whole look together. Finish off with some mascara and a nude lip. This look is so simple and is easily the best go-to for anyone looking to ace their morning makeup routine.