Valerie Chisholm 4/2/2018     Depression is much more common now than in the past. It is one of the most common mental illnesses today. In the United States, 16 million adults have had or currently have depression, which is 6.9 of the US population. 360 million people worldwide suffer from it. In teens,

March For Our Lives

Mikaila Vanderzeyde Journalism On March 24, 2018, families, friends, and protesters participated in the walk that took place in Washington D.C. Thousands of citizens of America walked in unity as the walk resembled a protest against gun violence. Students (victims) that have experienced gun violence had speeches as they articulated about

How to Cope With Perfectionism

Ilana Thomas Journalism Mrs. Milani 29 March 2018 People who are considered to be perfectionists tend to hold themselves to an unrealistically high standard with everything they do. Being a perfectionist causes never ending stress and anxiety. They continuously aim for something that is impeccable, which is almost impossible to obtain. If

Stressful Vacations

  Sydney Curpenski Journalism 3/28/18 Any kind of trip can be extremely stressful. Whether it be going on senior trip or a last minute family vacation, preparation is always a pain in the butt. With senior trip approaching, this article is dedicated to tips and tricks on packing, preparation, and necessities of a vacation.

Is College Tuition getting out of hand?

Caitlin Sluhocki Mrs.Milani Journalism 1 March 26, 2018   College tuition and expenses are a hot topic recently with the senior class applying to colleges. Over the years the cost of attending college has increased substantially. Most students spend hundreds of thousand dollars on a college education. States have increased their education budgets since the

Gun control and arming teachers

Sarah Greeley February 28, 2018   After the saddening high school shooting in Florida, the state lawmakers and governor are trying to loosen the restrictions on guns. People involved in the State House and Senate signed a package of bills stating that the lowest age to purchase a firearm would be from

Should high school start later?

Valerie Chisholm 3.9.18   Evidence shows that teenagers are seriously sleep deprived. A recent vote done by the National Sleep Foundation showed  that 60% of children and teens complained of being tired during the day, and 15% said they fell asleep at school. The american academy of sleep medicine said that middle and

Top 10 Things to Do During: Winter Break

Eric Grady March 2, 2018   Last week we talked about numbers 10 through number 6 on my list of things to do during Winter Break. Number 10 was “Have a Snowball fight!” This was number 10 because it is not the first thing you think of during Winter Break but

The Prom Experience

Sydney Curpenski Journalism 1 3/2/18   Prom shopping is either a luxury or a stress filled mess depending on what type of person you are. Finding the perfect dress can be a lot of pressure, especially when everyone around you is posting pictures of their expensive gowns. Just keep in mind, you can look

Is Location On Social Media Bad?

Valerie Chisholm 03/2/18   Is location on social media bad? It can be used for some good and bad reasons. There are many location based social networks. Location based social networks use the gps in users phones and let you broadcast your location and other content to other users. Sharing location sometimes isn't

Methods To Reduce Gun Violence

  Troy Bailey 3/2/18 Journalism 1   Due to the Florida shooting a lot of controversy stirred up about gun violence and how safe schools actually are. The government and Donald Trump the President of the United States had to come up with new laws and strategies to reduce the school shootings and gun violence

Should Social Media be banned in school?

Jenna Oldro February 2nd, 2018   Kids all around the world surround themselves with social media and electronics. Schools should not allow social media during school hours, due to the fact of bullying, self esteem, and the distraction. Kids of all ages are on social media there has always been the risk of

From Criminal with No Future to an NBA Star with a Bright One

Ryan Quill 2/15/18 MIDDLEBORO, MA -  As a society, we hear about inspiring, turn-around stories every single day. It’s also a very common theme in sports as a whole. But this is no ordinary story. This is the story of Washington Wizards star point guard John Wall, and how he completely proved

Benefits of Makeup

 By: Sydney Curpenski 2/12/2018   Being satisfied with yourself is something that is not overrated. Accomplishments, even as small as doing your makeup, payoff in the long run. Starting off your day feeling put together and beautiful should be felt by everyone. Makeup relaxes you in the morning and gets you  ready

School Shootings

Cameron Rideout 2/9/18   Through the last few years there are been a rapid increase in school shooting across the nation and across the entire world. Most of the school that are shot up tend to be high schools and some colleges. The thing that is very interesting about the shootings that do


Kasey Moore February 7, 2018   Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical Phantom of the Opera began its Broadway run in early 1988 and has been running ever since. With over 12,000 performances under their belt, the show has become Broadway's’ longest-running show with the 1997 Revival of Chicago coming in second with almost

Scientists Report That This Brain Implant Improves Memory

By: Sarah Greeley February 7, 2018   A brain implant that scientists have developed boosts memory and is said to treat dementia, brain injuries and other problems that negatively affect the memory. The implant works sending electrical pulses to help the brain when it’s having trouble storing new information. The research for the

Why the “Nintendo games are for little kids” Argument is Absurd.

Dan Damon  February 5th, 2018.   Nintendo is a Japanese multinational video game company that is notorious for building on franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and arguably the most successful franchise in gaming, Super Mario. These titles have a reputation of their nostalgic and fun gameplay, with players spending