School privileges and what’s best for the students

Hannah Kelley September 21, 2017   Today’s generation is by far different from when my parents went to school. My parents barely had any homework or stressed as much as students do today. A known fact that has been proven by scientists was that students have more trouble focusing early in the

(SIM)ators of Middleboro

 Ben Gibson 9/21/2017   A group of Middleboro High School students attended the Senate Immersion Module at the EMK Institute in Boston to experience the process in which senators adjourn. The junior Senators were to attempt to pass a “bill” reforming immigration. The pathway leading into the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston,

Group of Activists Drop Anti-Racism Sign From Green Monster

By: Andrew Fields- September 21, 2017                                           By: Andrew Fields                   Last Wednesday during the fourth inning of the Red Sox game against the Oakland Athletics, a sign was dropped from the green monster saying “Racism is as American As Baseball”. The shocking wording  depicted on the sign was

Teenagers with Jobs

Cass Golden September 20,2017   In Massachusetts, you can legally obtain a work permit at the age of fourteen. Most businesses won’t hire a teen that young though, however, that is around the time parents usually start urging their kids to start thinking about where they want to work. According to an

Gordon Hayward Coming to Boston

Marque Centeio 9/20/17 Gordon Hayward is a shooting guard who was selected 9th in the NBA draft by the Utah Jazz in the 2010 draft. He made his first NBA All-Star game in 2017 after his 7th season in the league prior to signing with the celtics over the summer. Born in

Amber Tamblyn: Women Need to Speak Out

Katelyn Levesque 9/20/17   Amber Tamblyn, 34 year old actress, author, poet, and film director of Santa Monica, California is done keeping her mouth shut. On September 13 of this year, actor James Woods called out a movie actor, Armie Hammer, for having a love interest in a movie who is only 17. Hammer

What it’s like to join STW

Middleborough High School

Katherine Williams September 19, 2017 STW is the Middleboro High School Speech and Theatre Workshop. The club is run by the theatre teacher, Mrs. Duggan. Usually meetings for officers and everyone are held in The Black Box or the MHS auditorium. Being apart of STW means being in shows, being

The Chilling Race Between Three Haunted Places

‌Emily Nelson, September 19, 2017   As pumpkin carving and corn mazes are just around the corner, the most chilling and most frightening things are right behind it. Haunted houses are a staple of the fall season. October is the most frightening month and there are so many great scares you can

The Aftermath and Preparation for Hurricanes

Erin Levesque 9/19/17 In New England everyone has been getting prepared for hurricane Jose. Not even a week ago Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma and before that there was Hurricane Harvey,the united states just keeps getting terrible hurricanes. These hurricanes have caused so much disruption us new englanders did not


By: Gabrielle Larocque 9/19/17   What is a concussion? Many people you know probably have had one before. A concussion is a brain injury that disrupts  your brain functions. They can be caused by a blow to the head, or just intense shaking of the upper body or head. It is when

My first home and away game

Middleborough High School

By: Dyllan Welby   9/18/17 High school cheerleading is a lot different than middle school and all stars. But it’s also a lot more fun despite having more responsibility. The first Friday of school I had my first home game. When I first got there I was a little nervous since there

Free Time In London

Middleborough High School

Avery Warner, September 18, 2017 During the summer of 2017 myself and about 20 other students about twenty other students and I took part in a once in a lifetime trip to London, chaperoned by Middleborough high schools best English teacher Laurie Davis and theater teacher Dani Duggan. I had the time

The Hidden Children Of Priests

Middleborough High School

By: Shauna Sigren on September 15, 2017 It is a necessity for children to be shown love and support. Science shows, every 3 months children lose one month of growth when in an institution. When children are adopted or fostered from such institutions they begin to grow normally once again. If

Hurricane Harvey Hits Hard

Middleborough High School

By: Cassaundra Golden     9/15/17 Last Week, the National Hurricane Center started tracking a storm developing in the Caribbean. As the week progressed the category 5 hurricane named Irma ripped the islands of the Caribbean devastating a number of them. On Sunday afternoon, the hurricane slammed into the Florida Keys. Although over

Irma takes out everything that’s in its way

Hannah Kelley September 14th, 2017 Hurricane Irma significantly affected many people on the east coast of Florida and soon to be Georgia. People’s houses got destroyed, pets were lost, and the residents had to give up everything to move away from the hurricane to remain safe. For people that are not

The New Generation of Apple iPhones

Middleborough High School

By Ben Gibson on September 14, 2017 In case you didn’t hear about the release of the new generation of iphones, here’s what you missed. Apple unveiled the two new iphone 8’s and the iphone X on September 12 during the 2017 Keynote Event at the new Apple Park, along with

The No-poo Movement

By: Brianna Lowell  September 15, 2017 As someone with curly, textured hair I often feel the need to wash my hair every other day and sometimes more due to knots and frizz. After years of washing my hair this often I noticed that my hair would become oily very quickly after

Irma takes over the east coast

Middleborough High School

Emily Nelson September 14, 2017 A storm with violent winds and an eye of 4,000 miles wide takes over the East Coast in the U.S. The storm is Hurricane Irma whose winds were stronger than any other storm here in the U.S. It is the largest storm to hit the US