Are Dress Codes Beneficial in Schools?

Dyllan Welby 10/18/17 For years many schools have always had a dress code that determined whether or not students outfits were appropriate and allowed in school. Dress codes differ depending on the school but many public and private schools have some form of one.         Many people argue about whether or not

School Dress Code

Emily Nelson October 18, 2017 School dress code has been a huge debate for quite some time. The question is whether or not there should even be a dress code. In my personal opinion it shouldn't even be in the school handbook because they are just clothes. Children and teens all

Controversy on Birth Control

Katelyn Levesque 10/18/17 Tuesday October 10, 2017 , The Trump Administration argued the positives to birth control and instead highlighted the potential harms of it. The new rule stated that some companies, businesses, and religiously affiliated nonprofits did not have to contract, arrange, pay or refer for contraception coverage for their employees. Also,


Gabrielle Larocque October 18,2017 Procrastination is something most teenagers are a victim of. Most people would rather stay in bed instead of working on school work, or doing chores. Whether you overcome it quickly, or it sets you back hours, it impacts your daily life. So, how do you overcome procrastination? It’s

Kneeling in the NFL

Matt Pierce 10/17/17     In the game of football you seem to hit the ground a lot. Weather it's getting slammed to the turf by another player or maybe you trip over clete but this is none of the two. Players in the NFL have started one of the biggest controversies in

Should we have competition in school?

By: Katherine Williams. October 17,2017 In high school, such as MHS, students compete everyday against each other. They might not realize it, but they compete against each other for things such as valedictorian, a role in a play, captain for a team, higher class rank and so much more. Is this


Abby Sheehan 10/17/17   Music can cause many changes in the human body it can affect your emotions and some people even let music affect their physical appearance. When someone listens to sad music people will typically  feel as if their mood declines quite a bit. We tend to listen to music that

A Clean Room

Kara McManus 10/17/2017 It is said that a tidy room is a tidy mind. If this is the case, why are some students so organized in school, yet so disheveled at home. Papers that are properly organized and graded may go from a neat pile, to crumpled in a ball in the

California Disaster

Marque Centeio 10/17/17 Last week, Northern California had probably one of their worst disasters ever seen. Fifteen major wildfires started tearing across California, scorching over 217,000 acres destroying over 5700 structures. 11,000 firefighters had to go up against a fire that made over 500 people go missing and killing 41 people. The

Why is Males playing Field Hockey Such a Taboo?

Bethany Seifert 10/17/2017 Currently in the United States, field hockey is a female dominated sport and it's rare to see a male participant. In fact I have had the opportunity to play amongst a male in the field, and it's unfortunate that the majority of female athletes won't be able to claim

NFL Update

by Gerry Leavens on October 16, 2017 It was a very eventful week in the NFL, as the 6th week of the season just ended Monday night. Dating back to the previous Thursday, the Carolina Panthers were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles 28-23. Eagles QB Carson Wentz had a decent game,

Should we allow refugees into the US?

Adriana Morrison 10/16/17 In our world, there are many continuing conflicts growing against many of our countries now a days. These conflicts stem from women’s rights, religion, territory, power, money, etc. These factors commonly cause civil wars between many lands leading to an unsafe society for the civilians living there. When this

Middleboro Cross Country Goes to Brown University Invitational!

By: Anna DiBona October 19, 2017          On Saturday, October 14, 2017 the Middleboro Sachem Cross Country team went to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island for an invitational meet. High Schools came from anywhere in the North Eastern part of the United States came to compete against

The Effects of Stress on the Body

By: Brianna Lowell October 6, 2017 Stress is the body's response to any type of demand, good or bad. When faced with an unknown or threatening situation the body’s first response is to release hormones into the bloodstream. The heart then begins to beat faster, increasing the amount of blood flowing

My Opinion on Kneeling During the Anthem

Katelyn Levesque October 3, 2017 This is ridiculous. How can these people do this? They must have some nerve. As you can see, I was fully and completely outraged when I heard about this situation. I had no words to describe my emotions towards these people. I was disgusted with their behavior and

Seniors deserve a break

Adriana Morrison 10/2/2017 As a senior in highschool, you have experienced nearly every aspect of school. You have spent 12 years in the schooling system, doing everything in your power to thrive. You’ve spent countless hours in this school doing classwork, homework, tests, quizzes…. you name it we’ve done it. After all

School privileges and what’s best for the students

Hannah Kelley September 21, 2017   Today’s generation is by far different from when my parents went to school. My parents barely had any homework or stressed as much as students do today. A known fact that has been proven by scientists was that students have more trouble focusing early in the

(SIM)ators of Middleboro

 Ben Gibson 9/21/2017   A group of Middleboro High School students attended the Senate Immersion Module at the EMK Institute in Boston to experience the process in which senators adjourn. The junior Senators were to attempt to pass a “bill” reforming immigration. The pathway leading into the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston,

Group of Activists Drop Anti-Racism Sign From Green Monster

By: Andrew Fields- September 21, 2017                                           By: Andrew Fields                   Last Wednesday during the fourth inning of the Red Sox game against the Oakland Athletics, a sign was dropped from the green monster saying “Racism is as American As Baseball”. The shocking wording  depicted on the sign was