Season one vs Season two

Katherine Williams November 13, 2017           Stranger Things is an Original Netflix sci fi show. It takes place in a small Indiana town in 1983. The main characters differ from the two seasons. In the first season it’s Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce and Hopper all looking for

Major Costa Rica Earthquake

Shauna Sigren November 12th, 2017 On Sunday night, November 12th, 2017 an earthquake struck the pacific coast of Costa Rica.  According to the scale rictor, the earthquake had a  6.5 magnitude reading in Jaco, Puntarenas, and was at a depth of about 12 miles. The  quake struck near Costa Rica’s capital city,

Trump teases to expose secret files

Alexa Epp 10/26/2017   Today on Thursday the 26th of October the 3,000 pages within the JFK files were due to be released almost 50 years after the assassination of the president. The reason that these files were hidden from the public for so long was to maintain national control over the situation.

California Mass Forest Fire

By: Shauna Sigren October 23rd, 2017 California greatly suffered from wildfires that broke out on October 8th, 2017. The firestorms have killed at least 41 people and destroyed around 5,700 buildings. Dozens of  people remain missing. These massive forest fires have caused local citizens and fellow Americans a great deal of stress

Welcoming the Class of 2022

By: Anna DiBona        October 25, 2017   On Friday, October 20, 2017 the eighth graders from the Nichols Middle school, came to the Middleboro High School in the morning to take a tour of their future school. The class of 2022 was warmly greeted by a crowd of MHS Sachems at the

Three Girls Kidnapped And Strapped With Suicide Bombs

Emily Nelson 10/24/17 Girls of young ages were captured by Nigerian Militants who were forced to be strapped with bombs. Boko Haram was the one who strapped the suicide bombs to them and sent them into crowds to blow themselves up along with innocent people. Luckily three girls were lucky and had

Church Shooting Rampage

Marque Centeio 10/24/2017 In Tennessee, there was a fatal shooting at a church killing one woman and several others wounding. The man was obviously had a crazy disease that made him he “hear voices” and he claims to have saw “‘illusions throughout the church”. The police are trying to figure out what

Animals Domesticating Themselves?

Katelyn Levesque 10/24/2017 In 2003, Nick Jans, his wife, and their dog Dakodah went to take their dog for a walk in the cold and never knew what that they would see as soon they did. They were all taking their morning stroll in cold Juneau, Alaska when suddenly, something they had never

US Education

Gabrielle Larocque October 24,2017   The USA is a lot of the times seen as a nation that has it all. You would think it would be a country that is close to the top of the charts in mostly everything. So, how is US education compared to other countries? Well, studies show

Wind Farms the Size of Alaska

Ben Gibson October 20, 2017 Could wind farms begin to satisfy the global demand for electricity? Researchers believe that wind farms twice the size of Alaska may be able to. Customary fuel sources used today are limited and dirty. Oil is depleting as we scramble to extract as much as possible. Coal is

Harvey Weinstein

Alexa Epp October 19th 2017 Women through the decades have come a very long way in the world. We have become stronger and united and more powerful than ever. Yet we still allow people to take away our voice and our power. Women today don’t yet realize that power cannot be taken

Are Dress Codes Beneficial in Schools?

Dyllan Welby 10/18/17 For years many schools have always had a dress code that determined whether or not students outfits were appropriate and allowed in school. Dress codes differ depending on the school but many public and private schools have some form of one.         Many people argue about whether or not

School Dress Code

Emily Nelson October 18, 2017 School dress code has been a huge debate for quite some time. The question is whether or not there should even be a dress code. In my personal opinion it shouldn't even be in the school handbook because they are just clothes. Children and teens all

Controversy on Birth Control

Katelyn Levesque 10/18/17 Tuesday October 10, 2017 , The Trump Administration argued the positives to birth control and instead highlighted the potential harms of it. The new rule stated that some companies, businesses, and religiously affiliated nonprofits did not have to contract, arrange, pay or refer for contraception coverage for their employees. Also,


Gabrielle Larocque October 18,2017 Procrastination is something most teenagers are a victim of. Most people would rather stay in bed instead of working on school work, or doing chores. Whether you overcome it quickly, or it sets you back hours, it impacts your daily life. So, how do you overcome procrastination? It’s

Kneeling in the NFL

Matt Pierce 10/17/17     In the game of football you seem to hit the ground a lot. Weather it's getting slammed to the turf by another player or maybe you trip over clete but this is none of the two. Players in the NFL have started one of the biggest controversies in

Should we have competition in school?

By: Katherine Williams. October 17,2017 In high school, such as MHS, students compete everyday against each other. They might not realize it, but they compete against each other for things such as valedictorian, a role in a play, captain for a team, higher class rank and so much more. Is this