Ilana Thomas Journalism Mrs. Milani 9 May 2018 Organization         Organizational skills are imperative for students to acquire during their years of schooling because it creates a foundation of responsibility and maturity for them beginning at a young age. Unknowingly, all children develop their skills beginning in preschool. Most preschools establish a system of

Animal Testing

Caitlin Sluhocki Journalism 1 Mrs.Milani May 8, 2018 Animal Testing Why do we test on animals? The idea and thought of torturing innocent animals is very inhumane and disturbing. An estimation of 26 million animals are used every year in the United States for scientific and commercial testing. Animals are used to develop medical treatments,


Cameron Rideout Iverson The film ‘’Iverson is the ultimate legacy of NBA legend Allen Iverson, who rose from a childhood of crushing poverty in Hampton, Virginia, to become an 11-time NBA All-Star and universally recognized icon of his sport. Off the court, his audacious rejection of conservative NBA convention and unapologetic embrace

Process Delayed

Process Delayed By Ryan Quill MIDDLEBORO, MA -  The Boston Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers 114-112 in game five of the Eastern Conference Semifinals last night and will face LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics got a complete effort out of their squad and gutted

5 signs of a healthy relationship/friendship

Jenna Oldro May 14, 2018 Website Article FD 5 signs of a healthy relationship/friendship Relationship:   Loyalty - In every relationship, loyalty is everything and once that loyalty is destroyed you have broken a bond, and broken trust between the two individuals. When the Loyalty is there it is easy for the relationship to roll

Gluten: What the Heck?

Molly Myers May 11,2018 Gluten: What the Heck? The view that the world has on gluten allergies is to a point humorous. With the gluten free diet becoming a fad that people are following to lose weight so most people don't take this allergy seriously. Its seen similar to the vegan diet that is

30 Years of Eruption Hits Nearby Civilization at Kīlauea

Kasey Moore May 11, 2018 30 Years of Eruption Hits Nearby Civilization at Kīlauea Since January 1983, the Kīlauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island has been erupting continuously and in 2018, several more lava vents opened in the lower Puna area. These new vents were accompanied by a level 6.9 magnitude that caused

Top 10 most dangerous sea creatures

Dylan Letendre Top 10 most dangerous sea creatures       There are many dangerous creatures all over the planet and many more to be discovered. We have only searched 5 percent of the oceans geography meaning there could be much more dangerous creatures out there. One of the top 10 is

This Doctor Can Feel His Patient’s Pain

This Doctor Can Feel His Patient’s Pain Sarah Greeley, May 2, 2018 At Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Joe Salinas has a neurological trait called mirror-touch. He has the ability to touch and feel the emotional and physical pain and experiences of his patients. Mirror-touch is still a medical mystery and no one

Red Sox  vs. Yankees

Red Sox  vs. Yankees Eric Grady May 8th-10th,2018 “Breaking: The Yankees have traded for Marlins Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.” This was the sound of sports networks across the country. There is one thing they did not say, that they were thinking, “ The Red Sox’s reign on top of the American League East Division

Gina Cheri Haspel

Hayes ferrare News Today Gina Cheri Haspel is an American intelligence officer serving as the Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency since April 26, 2018, while holding the official title of Deputy Director. Gina haspel is trump's nominee for the leader of the CIA, people don't know if she is the right candidate

Packing College Essentials

Journalism #1 Mrs.Milani 5/11/18 Packing College Essentials By: Sydney Curpenski   College as a whole can be an extremely stressful time in a young adolescent’s life. Moving to a place where you most likely do not know anyone can be nerve racking; getting settled, making friends, keeping up with school work etc. Packing and feeling

World’s Largest Child Sacrifice

World’s Largest Child Sacrifice Valerie chisholm In Peru’s northern coast, they found the remains of 140 children and 200 llamas. During tests on ropes and articles of clothing found in the graves, they found that it was dated from 1400 to 1450, around 550 years ago. They found the remains in an

2 People Killed In A Horrific Car Accident

Troy Bailey Final Draft 5/14/18 2 People Killed In A Horrific Car Accident         There was 2 people killed in a horrific car accident in stoughton massachusetts around 5:09 P.M. The crash was pretty bad is what the neighbors had said, they said that they heard a screech then a big explosion and

Rampage Review

Rampage Review Demetrius Alexander The movie begins with an explanation of the technology of CRISPR in 1993, which is used for dangerous experiments. We are then taken to present day, where on a space station, a lab rat has been mutated and slaughtered the whole crew. The lone survivor, Kerry Atkins, contacts

Pros and Cons of getting a Puppy

Brianna Alden May 10, 2018 Pros and Cons of getting a Puppy         There is always pros and cons to everything you do, just like when you get a dog. Dogs are adorable, if you don’t like dogs you are nuts! If you don’t like puppies you are even more crazy!! Puppies

Recent School Shootings

Cameron Rideout Recent School Shootings Through the last few years there are been a rapid increase in school shooting across the nation and across the entire world. Most of the school that are shot up tend to be high schools and some colleges. The thing that is very interesting about the shootings

Michelle Wolf

Caitlin Sluhocki Journalism 1 Mrs.Milani May 2, 2018 Michelle Wolf                 When is enough, enough? If you are a comedian, your main job or only job is to entertain people and make them laugh. Michelle Wolf was hired to be the comedian for the White House Correspondent dinner this year. The White House