Coach or Control Freak

Molly Myers February 2, 2018         Often times in youth sports you see coaches who get into a game and yell and throw a fit when a player may be under performing. Most of this criticism is constructive and the children know this and won't take this hate to heart, but

Greed Vs charity

Ben Gibson 11/30/2017     Giving Tuesday is meant to impress upon exhausted shoppers a sense of charity after tirelessly searching for deals throughout the widely recognized holiday shopping events known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday: an absolute about-face. If shoppers have a little extra money, they are encouraged through platforms like social

Why Gifts?

Alexa Epp 11/30/2017   It’s that time of the year again and no matter how excited I get about the wonderful cheer it begins to become stress central. As the dates come up so very quickly gift giving can be a struggle and the prices are slowly rising. People all over the world

Beth seifert 11/29/17   As soon as you walk into a pet store, what are you greeted with? For an average chain store, it usually those clear Plexiglas chambers which contain either puppies or kittens willing to welcome you upon your arrival.  And often those upon those glass structure lies a sign saying

Girls Basketball Tryouts

Kara McManus 11/29/2017   Sachems Girls Basketball tryouts begin Monday, November 27th. About 20 girls showed up for the tryouts hoping to earn a spot on the teams. Comparing the 13 players that tried out last year, girls basketball at MHS is beginning to see success for their upcoming season. With a new

Royal Engagement

Katelyn Levesque 11/29/17   2017 marks an important year for Americans. The first official engagement of an American and a British monarch has just been announced from earlier this month. The last American to marry into the British monarchy was in 1937 when the Duke of Windsor married Wallis Simpson. This engagement wasn’t

kids should have less homework

Hannah Kelley November 29th, 2017   Kids in today's generation receive so much more homework than the kids in the later generation. Kids in junior high get at least 2-3 hours a night while high school students are getting 4-6 hours of homework a night. So many children in today's generation are expected

Fake Accusations to Dupe the Post Go Wrong

Dyllan Welby 11/28/17   A woman hired by a right-wing activist group falsely claimed to have conceived a child with Roy Moore when she was 15, the newspaper reported on monday morning.   The woman was identified as Jaime T. Phillips by the paper. In other interviews she claimed to have had an abortion after

Giving Tuesday

Shauna Sigren  November 28th, 2017   This November, 28th is “Giving Tuesday.” This is a global giving movement to kick off the charitable season after many shopping events such as, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a chance for people to make a contribution to society and donate the leftover money they

Giving Tuesday

Adriana Morrison 11/27/17 As we just passed Thanksgiving, many people spent the day celebrating the holiday with their family and friends and even going Black Friday shopping for the upcoming holiday season. With everyone shopping for their friends and family, this leaves opportunity for people to help donate to different charities to

Indonesia Volcano Erupts

Marque Centeio 11/27/2017   In Indonesia, a volcano erupted killing at least two people, injuring 39, shut down bali airports, and stranding tens of thousands of people. The Indonesian authorities ordered a mass evacuation of people on Monday from a danger zone from the erupting volcano on bail that had forced the island

Chicken Coop Murders/ Changeling

Matthew Pierce 11/16/17 Murders were unheard of in 1926, especially the murderings of small children. People were more proper back in that day, there were more followers of God so they despised anyone who'd think of the idea. These events took place in Wineville, California. The disappearance of multiple boys drew the

Middle School Girls Basketball Tryouts

Kara McManus 11/15/17 The future of Lady Sachems Basketball starts with the success of the Nichols Middle School Tigers Girls Basketball team. With an undefeated season 2 years ago, the members of the winning season, are now in high school . The youngest of that group are now finishing their middle

21st Century Conferences

Gabrielle Larocque    November 15, 2017           This past Thursday the 9th, at Middleboro High School, the whole school participated in a full day of 21st century conferences to prepare them for the their future. Prior to Thursday, most students signed up for their workshops online, this ensured that they were