Listen Up: Episode 1 – September 22-October 5, 2017

1:00 - Start Strong Orientation by Kaylee Tobin 3:30 - Welcome Back Pep Rally by Chris Cogan 5:05 - Welcome Back BBQ 5:22 - AP Kick-Off Rally by Sarah Bourget 7:38 - New A.D. by Hannah Stearns 10:45 - VolleyBall vs Plymouth North by Shannon Hurley 12:48 - Football at Archbishop by Nicky

Free Time In London

Middleborough High School

Avery Warner, September 18, 2017 During the summer of 2017 myself and about 20 other students about twenty other students and I took part in a once in a lifetime trip to London, chaperoned by Middleborough high schools best English teacher Laurie Davis and theater teacher Dani Duggan. I had the time

The No-poo Movement

By: Brianna Lowell  September 15, 2017 As someone with curly, textured hair I often feel the need to wash my hair every other day and sometimes more due to knots and frizz. After years of washing my hair this often I noticed that my hair would become oily very quickly after

U.S Sanctions on North Korea

Middleborough High School

Andrew Fields, 9/12/17 Monday September 11, 2017, was an eventful day.  The United Nations Security Council meeting at the headquarters in New York was being held to talk about North Korea's actions towards testing a hydrogen bomb which was set off underneath a North Korean mountain known as Mount Mantap. After this

Katherine Williams

9/12/17  ,Journalism What it’s like to travel internationally with two teachers By: Katherine Williams September 12, 2017. Recently during the summer of 2017 a few MHS students,including myself, traveled to London, England for 9 days with two teachers for a school trip. The teachers were an English teacher, Mrs. Davis, and a theatre

Dress Code in schools

Middleborough High School

Avery Warner 9/9/2017   One morning before school I was running late, I was exhausted and barely could keep my eyes open. I wanted to dress how I felt. So I threw on some plaid sweatpants and a sweatshirt. In my eyes this outfit was perfectly appropriate. But my middle school music