Listen Up Episode 2: October 2017

00:58 - Homecoming Dance by Gil Araujo 02:17 - Jimmy Fund Walk by Nicky Hart 04:27 - How to Video by Eden Eugenio 07:04 - How to Video by Aileen Peddie 11:33 - How to Video by Emily Parziale 12:21 - How to Video by Evan Parker 13:20 - Volleyball Vs Norwell by Courtney Roberts 14:31 -

Listen Up: Episode 1 – September 22-October 5, 2017

1:00 - Start Strong Orientation by Kaylee Tobin 3:30 - Welcome Back Pep Rally by Chris Cogan 5:05 - Welcome Back BBQ 5:22 - AP Kick-Off Rally by Sarah Bourget 7:38 - New A.D. by Hannah Stearns 10:45 - VolleyBall vs Plymouth North by Shannon Hurley 12:48 - Football at Archbishop by Nicky

Free Time In London

Middleborough High School

Avery Warner, September 18, 2017 During the summer of 2017 myself and about 20 other students about twenty other students and I took part in a once in a lifetime trip to London, chaperoned by Middleborough high schools best English teacher Laurie Davis and theater teacher Dani Duggan. I had the time

The No-poo Movement

By: Brianna Lowell  September 15, 2017 As someone with curly, textured hair I often feel the need to wash my hair every other day and sometimes more due to knots and frizz. After years of washing my hair this often I noticed that my hair would become oily very quickly after