Listen Up: May 2017

Produced April 28, 2017 00:58 - Dodgeball by Aaron Conley 03:57 - Baseball vs Duxbury by Jake Stiner 6:46 - Boys Tennis vs Cohaset by Joe Driscoll 10:03 - Lacrosse Highlight by Garrett Donohoe 13:03 - Plagiarism PSA by Sydney Montross 13:35 - Seniors by Chase Holyoke 16:37 - Senior Events by Janie Humphreys Host: Chase Holyoke Audio: Matt

Listen Up: April 2017

1:05 - Pops Concert by Aaron Conley 5:28 - Rotary Auction by Sydney Montross 8:48 - Mr. MHS by Chase Holyoke 14:32 - MHS Festival Performance "Crossroads" by Janie Humphries 16:35 - Brush Fire Near MHS by Matt Tortora 19:23 - NMS Student Teacher Basketball Game by Matt Tortora 21:18 - "No Better Option than adoption"

Boys Lacrosse Season Preview

Kevin Donohoe, Mackenzie Allioth, Matt Rossi, Ross Riendeau Background: For the last seven years Middleboro has tried to incorporate a lacrosse program into the youth level up to the high school level. A good number of parents have tried to get the program started but were shut down every year until finally in the fall

MHS Girls Lacrosse

By Nicholas, Jake, Owen, and Ryan Introduction/Background Lacrosse for Middleboro High School is a new emerging sport. With it’s addition to the spring sports lineup two years ago the main focus is building the team. The two years have not been too strong record wise, last year the record was 0-11. However