New Year’s Resolutions

1/9/16 Maia Daschke With every new year comes a new chance to start over. A majority of people set new year resolutions for themselves in order to improve and grow as a person. Many of these resolutions are centered around new health habits, such as eating healthy and upping the daily workout

762 Found Dead in Chicago During 2016; How Gun Safety Protocols can Protect our Society

1/6/16 By: Rylee Leonard It’s been the deadliest year in two decades, 2016, and the top statistic in Chicago shows a single disturbing trend: a surge in gun violence. 762 people were murdered in this city alone, impacting thousands of lives around the world. On New Year’s Eve, people flooded the streets

Senior Trip 2017

1 - 6 - 17 By:  Alexandra Kielty Senior trip is by far one of the most highly anticipated events of senior year. During the month of April the seniors, Mr. Branagan, the class advisors Mr. Smith and Mr. Burke, as well as a few more chaperones pack up and ship off

Boys Basketball 12/29/16

1/6/17 By:  Joci Keough Middleboro vs. Canton On December 29th, Middleboro boys basketball team hosted a game against Canton at 6:30 at night. The Middleborough Sachems basketball team lost against the non-conference game against Canton by a score of 84-44. The starting line up for Middleboro Sachems was Cody Soderlund (junior) as guard,

Women’s Luxuries: Progression

January 6, 2017 Liv Bulu   Great news ladies, companies (non- American, of course) are now properly realizing the patriarchy that lies within the pricing of different hygiene products from men to women. Which is absolutely undeniable; at least in America, women pay more and earn less. Women’s razors have been priced matched

Is Middleboro Haunted?

1/5/17 By: Megan Hubbard Recently, The Oliver house in Middleboro was featured in TLC’s show Paranormal Lockdown. The house is located on 443 plymouth street and was built in 1769 most likely as a newlywed present for the judge's son Peter Oliver and his wife. Historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin was

How Tired are You?

1/5/17 By: Eric Grady After a school vacation of fun filled activities, staying up till 4 in the morning and enjoying noschool it is your first day back to school. You wake up to the sound  of your alarm clock ringing and you try to feel for the snooze button. You look

Larry League

1/5/17 by: Jake Belanger   Around late April/early May of 2016, I was on Twitter like any other day, and saw that an account I follow by the name of “Based Jesus” had tweeted a link to a video, captioning it, “The hardest white boys alive.” Normally I didn’t click on hip-hop videos/links