Church Shooting Rampage

Marque Centeio


In Tennessee, there was a fatal shooting at a church killing one woman and several others wounding. The man was obviously had a crazy disease that made him he “hear voices” and he claims to have saw “‘illusions throughout the church”. The police are trying to figure out what his motive was for shooting this up. The police said he was very vague and didn’t really elaborate on anything. They found a note in his car that the man made reference to white supremacists 2015 massacre in South Carolina black church. All the victims were white, but the shooter was a black man named Emmanuel Samson.

The day before the shooting, Samson worked as a security guard at Crimson Security is Nashville. He sent an email to his job on Sunday at 10;10,an hour before the shooting, saying he appreciated the work but won’t be returning. People who were in the church said they didn’t even see the man until he came through the doors. He had a license to work as an unarmed security guard. It expired, and Samson took a class on Friday to reinstate the license. Police said over the past year, Samson has been called in on 3 different occasions. On June 27, police got a call from Samson’s father reporting suicide threats. Before the June incident, police got a call for domestic violence involving Samson and his girlfriend.

A few members of the congregation, decided not to give their names or identities because they did not want to speak for the church beyond its official statement, responded Samson effectively. They said they were surprised to hear he may have been involved in something like this. He was friendly to everyone, they said, including one of the people he allegedly shot. Samson shot and killed Smith in the parking lot after pulling up in a Blue SUV waiting several minutes before unleashing. He entered the church with two pistols. There was about 50 people inside and people who were in the church said Samson was silent while releasing fire. Six people from the ages of 64-84 were the ones wounded and there’s one of the victims that is in critical conditions. The usher of the church saw the shooting and was the one to confirm the shooter. During the shooting, Engle, the church usher, pistol-whipped making Samson shoot himself. Although he got head injuries, he ran to his car and grabbed his pistol. The wound sent him to the floor and Engle held Samson at gunpoint until police came.

People wanted Engle to be known as a hero but he thought otherwise. He said “I’ve been going to this church my whole life, since I was a small child. I would have never, ever thought something like this would’ve happened.” He asked for prayers for the victims and their families. He also said, “please pray for the shooter, the shooter’s family and friends. They are hurting as well. The real hero’s are the police, first responders and the medical staff and doctors who have helped me and everyone affected.” The church now has prayers every Monday to attended to pray for everyone affected by the madness.