Coach or Control Freak

Molly Myers

February 2, 2018


      Often times in youth sports you see coaches who get into a game and yell and throw a fit when a player may be under performing. Most of this criticism is constructive and the children know this and won’t take this hate to heart, but how far is too far when it comes to coaches intense screams from the sidelines.

  Young minds are some of the most sustainable to influence especially from people who they see as role models. The coaches want to win and so do the athletes themselves but when coaches take there coaching to an extreme it can leave children with emotional scars that will damage their self esteem and confidence.

    We’ve all seen in the movies The coach that gets to intense into the game and is seeing screaming his head off at the kid nearest to him,  most people believe that these are just movie scenarios but in reality there are many coaches in the world who instead of being constructive and building up their athletes on their team and said tear them down and rip them apart.

    add a young age children are very easily influenced being told constantly that they are not good enough or that they need to work harder and they need to push themselves past the limits that they already know they have creates a unhealthy mindset in the end of module which will cause issues once they become older.

   self-confidence is one of the main issues that these children will face considering they are being constantly told that they are not good enough and this will take a harsh mental toll on the way they believe the world perceives them and if stricter guidelines aren’t for these coaches that prevent this type of behavior it will leave mental scarring on many children.

     see it in a lot of control freaks that they had some sort of negative influence that may have told them that they were not going to be the best and didn’t praise them for even the smallest Victory. Children Thrive off of praise and the positive reinforcement that could come from coaches who they see as role models  will go a long way in developing many of their cognitive skills.

     the harshness exhibited by some coaches that include mean language such as the word stupid idiot failure among other things Shaw’s a terrible Beauty for the child himself  and most likely will result in mental scarring.

       this is why we must put stricter guidelines on on the way coaches are allowed to coach their teams Youth Sports although they are competitive and a great Gateway into high school sports in college sports they are youth Sports for a reason and they are put in place for kids to have a great time with friends make connections with other children that they otherwise would have met and among the most things have a good time and these mean coaches make that virtually impossible with their degrading language and disgusting Behavior.