Controversy on Birth Control

Katelyn Levesque


Tuesday October 10, 2017 , The Trump Administration argued the positives to birth control and instead highlighted the potential harms of it.

The new rule stated that some companies, businesses, and religiously affiliated nonprofits did not have to contract, arrange, pay or refer for contraception coverage for their employees. Also, the Trump Administration argued the fact that birth control was bad for women and gives them health problems.

This rule has sparked a major dispute between many people, especially but not limited to women who are using contraception or birth control.

Although the administration might say that it causes many health issues, research shows that that is not true at all. Yes it does cause spotting, nausea, and potential mood changes but women go through that monthly anyways.

Ever since 2011, the unintended pregnancy rate was at a 30 year low. Also, the teenage pregnancy rate and teenage birth rate are at an all time record lows. This is easily explained by the use of contraceptives.

For the companies that choose not to provide free contraception for their women employees, there are other options. The people are throwing out ideas that the government could be using “Title X to make free contraceptives for any women whose plans do not include them.”

In my opinion I believe that women should have the right to choose if they want t0 use birth control or not.

If you can’t control how sexualy active teenagers are, then why would you take away their way of not getting themselves pregnant? You would be putting a young girl who has a whole life ahead of her through a life long requirement when it really isnt your choice.

This young girl’s life would be ruined forever and it could have been her first time ever.

Taking away birth control is an insensitive thing to do because it is a man, Donald Trump, who doesn’t have to live with the child in them for 9 months and deal with the costs of diapers, baby food, strollers, baby car seats, and even more.

It is also frowned upon in a community for a child to get pregnant, and maybe some people don’t care, and maybe you shouldn’t care, but you’re not the one who has to deal with people watching and judging you for nine months and for the rest of that child’s life. You won’t have to be the one who the teachers judge when you are the same age, maybe even younger than their children that they have.

Not to mention that when it says that the US is at it’s lowest rate of teen pregnancies and the unintended pregnancies are at a 30 year low, that is not something that you ignore or put off to the side.

This can’t be something that is just brushed off the US’s shoulders when many young children’s lives can be changed forever. Birth control is not a toy that can be play with and tested when actual people’s lives are at stake.