Field Hockey

Gabrielle Larocque September 13,2017

On Tuesday, September 12, the Middleboro High School field hockey teams had a game against the Norwell Clippers’ field hockey teams.

Field Hockey, every day after school is how these two teams prepare. When they do not have games, they are out working on the field from 2:30- 5:00.Working on drills to help them work as a team, get the ball in the net, and defend their zone. Also working on their stick stills so they can be smoother in games. In between drills, they also run to build up their stamina so they don’t run out of breath as quickly in games, where most players are running up and down the field for a good amount of time. Especially if you are on JV, because of the lack of subs to go in for you. They work hard, and play hard. On Mondays, before practice they have a team bonding activity in the cafeteria, where they can work on homework and eat snacks. This helps them grow as a unit, so they feel more comfortable working together on the field, which is an important part in any team sport.

This is the third game of the season for both Sachem teams, and their second away game. This game took place on Norwell turf. Everyone worked hard, knowing that this was an important game. The Varsity team is a mix of all four grades, so there is a variety of skills. They worked hard throughout the two 30 minute halves. The score ended up being 2-1, Norwell. Our goal was scored by senior Adam Hanna. Even though the team faced a loss, they did it together as a team.

As soon as the varsity game finished, the JV team jumped onto the turf. They were prepared to battle hard, because they have not won a game yet this season. They worked well as a team, and played the ball with good passing skills and communication. The first half finished at 0-0. As the JV played, the Varsity relaxed and cheered them on. During the second half, their goal was to get to the net and get some good shots in, and keep it out of their zone. The other team played hard as well and ended up getting in 2 goals, making the final score 2-0, with Norwell taking home the win. Our freshman goalie, Julia Abbadonza worked hard throughout the two halves, and never gave up.

As a team, they agreed on needing to work on a few things. Spacing out, attacking the ball, and working together down near the net. Both teams might have lost on the turf in Norwell, but both team went home more determined to win in the games to come. On the bus ride home everyone snacked on their Gatorade protein bars, and drank as much water as they could, while thinking about going home and icing. Their next game is Friday, September 15 at home.