Fiercest animals of the wild

Fiercest animals of the wild

Dylan Letendre

The wild is known to some of the cutest animals on the planet, but is also known for some of the most deadly animals too. Number one on the most deadliest animals in the deathstalker, which is a scorpion. This deadly animal is responsible for 3 quarters of scorpion deaths. Its venom is extremely potent and painful, it doesn’t have any type of anti venom, and if there was you would need a lot of it.

The next deadliest in the wild is the largest reptile in the world, the saltwater crocodile. This reptile is responsible for over 100 attacks every year. They have the strongest bite of any animal in existence with a bite applying 3500 pounds of pressure per square inch. This reptile will only consider you as prey if you venture into their territory.

The third deadliest animal is also one of the largest land animals and would not be expected as very deadly, the african elephant. They are known to be very aggressive without a warning which means they are one of the more unpredictable animals on the planet. It’s especially dangerous because people go on safaris through africa and come up close with this animal. Almost every year there is a story with an elephant going through a village and trampling a bunch of people.

The next animal is responsible for killing the most humans on the continent of africa. It’s the hippopotamus which is not very deadly but the most aggressive and like the elephant, very unpredictable. They weigh about 3,300-4000 pounds and still have the ability to be able to run about 20 miles per hour and can also decimate safari vehicles without doing much work at all.

The next animal is 2000 pounds and can run as fast as 40 miles per hour. This animals would be your first or even 5th pick on the deadliest animals in the world. This animals is the cape buffalo which is known for attacking many hunters every year. The 6th animal belongs in the ocean and is very known around the world for their length and size. The great white shark, one of the quickest and deadliest animals which are usually very vicious towards humans and have a strong bite that can take someone’s leg or arm off.

The seventh most deadly animal is the african lion. Many people put themselves ¬†at risk of getting within striking distance every year which doesn’t stop people from going on safaris. Although they don’t seek out humans their amazing speed, sharp teeth and claws will get you in a lot of trouble if you go near one. The 8th animal is the box jellyfish. This animal is one of the most venomous animals on the planet in a category with frogs, snakes, and scorpions. Their sting can kill and human by paralyzing them which leads to drowning or by stopping their heart. There are still people who survive an encounter with one but they feel extreme pain before getting a cure.

Another venomous animal is the black mamba snake which is the most feared snake in africa. Their bite has a name called the kiss of death and can kill a human in less than 10 hours if the victim is not treated effectively. The tenth is not an animals but is the most deadliest in the world. This insect is the mosquito and causes over a million deaths per year, carrying many diseases. Those are the top 10 fiercest animals on the planet.