Free Time In London

Avery Warner, September 18, 2017

During the summer of 2017 myself and about 20 other students about twenty other students and I took part in a once in a lifetime trip to London, chaperoned by Middleborough high schools best English teacher Laurie Davis and theater teacher Dani Duggan. I had the time of my life on this trip. After just finishing my stressful junior year, I spent nine days in London and fell in love with the city. Getting there was scary and made me rethink my decision to go. The night before I left for my big adventure I tossed and turned getting barely two hours of sleep. And before i knew it was morning and i was on my way to the airport. My stomach was in knots , my heart was beating heavily, and my palms were sweating. This was my first time out of the country and i almost turned back from the fear I felt. But I overcame the feeling and had the best nine days of my life.

This trip changed my life for the better and gave me the adventure and the experience i’ve been craving. I did not want to come back home on the ninth day and if it was up to me i wouldn’t have. I tried so many new foods and activities and saw so many new sights that had been set up for us to see on tours. We toured big ben, the tower of london, the golden jewels, and so much more. I loved every second. But i really looked forward to the free time we had everyday in between theatre shows and sightseeing. This is when we really got to see what london was like. We were blessed to have been able to go on this trip with such amazing chaperones because where others would keep you on a leash and not allow you to explore we had so much freedom.

My free time was mostly spent with Brianna Lowell and Katherine williams, all three of us got so close in the nine days we spent in london and they are two of the best friends i’ve ever had. In our freetime we took the tube, an underground railway system like the subway, all over london. We had to learn how to read the maps and navigate our way underground. By the end of the week it was like we had lived there forever and could get around so easily.

A highlight from one of our days exploring on our own was going to chinatown and finally experiencing a bubble waffle, something we’ve heard all about. And let me just say it was all it was cracked up to be. A bubble waffle is a warm waffle folded into a cone with gelato and your choice of toppings. That bubble waffle was the best thing i’ve ever eaten and will remain the best food i’ve ever eaten because nothing could ever beat the tingle it gave my taste buds. Other than finding cool places to eat and new places to go on our free time we spent a lot of time shopping. People aren’t kidding when they say london is the fashion capital of the world. I spent hundreds of pounds on clothes and don’t regret it one bit. Everyday in london was a new adventure and I will cherish the memories I made for my entire life.