Gift Selection For Your Man

Sydney Curpenski

Journalism 1

Gift Selection For Your Man


Men are SO hard to shop for sometimes. Unless a male explicitly mentions what he wants for birthdays or Christmas etc, it is like a guessing game. I know how you feel if you wander around a store for hours, only to leave the store with nothing in hand. Sometimes you need a gameplan before attacking stores. If you have the issue of gift buying for your special someone, keep reading this article and I will try to assist with the shopping troubles for those  that are of the male species.

Price range for a gift usually depends on the occasion. If it is Easter you are not going to want to buy anything elaborate or too pricey. Birthday are more worth the splurge, and are usually a bigger deal when it comes to gift giving. The first struggle of any buy is knowing your price range in relation to the occasion you are buying for. The time together also determines the price range for a gift. Any sentimental gift will do.

It takes awhile to get to know your partner, so go with something generic. For a birthday a couple months into a relationship, a $50 dollar budget is probably around the right number. With this money you can buy some cologne and a shirt. Whatever you get make sure you limit yourself to this budget. It is easy to go over the limit when you are picturing your man in a ton of nice clothes.

If you and your man have been together for about a year, raise the price limit to $100. This money can be used in a bunch of ways. Whether it be a birthday or Christmas you are shopping for, this limit is very reasonable. I would always suggest a watch. Make sure it is relatively plain, and more of a classic style that any guy would like. If you know a specific watch your man would like then go for it, but if you have no clue then stick with the basics. Buy your man a silver watch. I love this color because it is dressy but can still be used for everyday purposes.

If you and your man have been dating for a couple of years, or anything over a year, this budget is totally up to you and what you would like to get him. Some relationship contain big spenders, and that is just what the couple likes. Other couples have an unspoken agreement that nothing crazy should be bought. No matter the price limit you can always find something special and heart felt to give your man.

Those big bang gifts can be amazing. It is the bulk of the present, and usually the most pricey part of any gift. Although you have that nice one item, I always recommend adding in something more personal. Try buying your guy’s favorite candy, or framing a cute picture of the two of you. This is something special that your guy can have for as long as you are together, so get shopping my friends! And good luck!