Gina Cheri Haspel

Hayes ferrare



Gina Cheri Haspel is an American intelligence officer serving as the Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency since April 26, 2018, while holding the official title of Deputy Director.

Gina haspel is trump’s nominee for the leader of the CIA, people don’t know if she is the right candidate because of her history with torture methods in thailand in 2000. She was an overseer of a al qaeda suspect in thailand back in 2000, he was waterboarded, sleep deprived, and put into small wooden boxes for days. she was not there for the interrogation but video tapes and audio footage was taken. She had the tapes destroyed because of safety reasons for the agents.

She was born in kentucky and lived on air bases her whole child life. She joined the cia very early when she was 18, she went all around the world collecting info. Back in 2000 she was given a raise to oversee a suspected terrorist in thailand, she used torture skills like water boarding to get info from them, this was legal back then but now congress thinks she will bring the program back.

During her interview with congress she answered some really hard questions about her involvement with waterboarding and why she destroys the tapes. She handled these very well giving long detailed answers. Some of her background is still classified and congress didn’t seem to like this.

Ms. Haspel did say that the controversy surrounding the interrogation program,cast a shadow over what has been a major contribution to protecting this country.She might well have been describing her own career. She could, perhaps, still disperse that shadow with a clear statement that the actions of the past were wrong. Failing that, the Senate should not confirm her as director of the CIA.