Girls Basketball Tryouts

Kara McManus



Sachems Girls Basketball tryouts begin Monday, November 27th. About 20 girls showed up for the tryouts hoping to earn a spot on the teams. Comparing the 13 players that tried out last year, girls basketball at MHS is beginning to see success for their upcoming season. With a new JV coach, the team looks forward to creating a solid future for the program. The varsity coach, Henry Colon, believes that this season will highlight what is going to happen in the next few years. With 10 freshmen trying out this year, compared to the 4 freshmen (now sophomores), that tried out last year. The increase in players creates more substitutions and more rest time for the team, and will allow a variety of talent to be put into the games.

This season the team is working towards making the tournament. They start their season with 3 scrimmages, then follow up with their first games. The with one only varsity scrimmage, the new additions to the team will begin to blend in with the other experienced players. The bonding of the new team will also increase the team’s chances of heading to tournament.

The new Hudl app will be used by the team, to create a series of highlights and film that can be reviewed. Players have the possibility for the team to review their mistakes will create a learning environment, where the programs skill level will only improve. PLays will be perfected by using the app, and could quite possibly be flawlessly executed during the early games and throughout the season for the team. The complicated plays could become second nature to the girls, and they will become one team unit.

New apparel for the girls will be ordered so they can begin their season matching. With new practice jersey’s the team will be able to function for their new season. With this, the girls do not get new jerseys this year. In the next few years this may happen. Last year, due to the lack of numbers the team did not use different JV and Varsity uniforms. This year, they may be able to do this because of the increase in numbers. Some swing players, may move up from JV to varsity. In the circumstance where a varsity player got sick, or injured during the season.

The girls look forward to their season, and have only began their journey together. With a few practices under their belt, the team is heading towards the beginning of the season with a positive outlook on the entire season. With the assistance of the new Hudl app, JV coach, and increasing numbers the future for the basketball is looking up. Their official season begins in about 2 weeks, with their kickoff game being away. They then go into full drive for the rest of the season with about 2-3 games per week. The 4 seniors of the team are heading into their last year, with a hope that they will accomplish the goal of making it to tournament.