Giving Tuesday

Shauna Sigren

 November 28th, 2017


This November, 28th is “Giving Tuesday.” This is a global giving movement to kick off the charitable season after many shopping events such as, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a chance for people to make a contribution to society and donate the leftover money they have after getting all their holiday shopping out of the way.


This year people are donating more to charities than they ever have. “There’s no time when such giving is more on display than today, Giving Tuesday, a day when celebrations of generosity on social media have helped turn an idea into a global happening in just six years. “Says Allison Klein. This day of global giving is fueled by the power of social media and the collaboration of people. There are many ways you can donate. You can either donate money or you can donate your time to organizations in your community.


You can get involved in the #GivingTuesday movement today! You can donate to a charity or organization that you feel could have a positive impact in someone’s life. You can also look for nonprofits in your community and contact them to see how you can contribute.  Anything you can give is helpful. Whether you donate your time, money, gifts or even just the power of your voice in your neighborhood.

There are many popular non-profit organizations you can join such as The Joy Fund, The Salvation Army, The (YWCA) World Young Women’s Christian Association, or any other donations you would like to make.

Local citizens can support the Salvation Army programs. This #givingtuesday at Sweet Frog Yogurt, they will be donating The Salvation Army Shreveport-Bossier and the local yogurt shop will donate a portion of your purchase. The Joy Fund is a holiday drive that strives to raise $50,000 in contributions to benefit nonprofit organizations for families. This fund tries to raise money to support the children of America so they can have food and presents for the Christmas holiday. You can donate to the YWCA to help at-risk teen girls in the northwest Louisiana. The YWCA raises money to empower young women and to eliminate racism. They seek to raise $5,000 throughout the day. Another organization is the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana. They will be able to provide families with the opportunity to share a holiday meal this year, many families in Northwest Louisiana face difficult choices during the holiday season. The ultimate holiday meal isn’t a possibility for many families who have to choose whether to keep the heat on or to put food on the table. But with our gracious donors we’ve made that possible for families across America.


You can also show your support by uploading a selfie and adding the #UNselfie YWCA #givingtuesday using the frame. There are also contests you can participate in to make contributing more enjoyable for everyone. The 2017 #My Giving Story contest begins November 1. You can win this year’s prizes when you submit your story on social media. With inspiring acts of giving and generosity you could earn $10,000 dollars to give to a charity of your choice. To find information on how you can participate visit to learn what you can do to give back to the community.