Giving Tuesday

Adriana Morrison


As we just passed Thanksgiving, many people spent the day celebrating the holiday with their family and friends and even going Black Friday shopping for the upcoming holiday season. With everyone shopping for their friends and family, this leaves opportunity for people to help donate to different charities to help others in need in the upcoming months ahead.
An important charitable organization people should consider looking into and donating to is Doctors without Borders. This organization allows medical staff such as nurses and doctors to travel to countries that are in need of medical help. Doctors without Borders have been sent to over 60 countries that are not as advanced in medical practices as other countries such as the US. They are sent there to help the sick and help cure other illnesses the doctors there do not have access to cure themselves.
Another important charitable organization is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This organization’s goal is to prevent animal cruelty across the country and assist in the well being of different animals that are victims of abuse. Their goal is to raise more awareness of abuse against animals and the consequences if you do abuse them. They also provide animal hospitals, adoption centers and clinics in the country.
Planned Parenthood is another good organization to donate to this holiday season. Planned Parenthood is an organization that helps both young women and men throughout society. They allow people to access birth control, get free testing, abortions, and other sources of medical women’s help. This is important to have because it gives women a choice with what they want to do with their lives. This organization always needs funding to keep their clinics up and running.
American Cancer society is also a charity that also needs much funding in order to run. The American Cancer society is used to look for a cure and research on cancer while helping run treatments for patients who unfortunately have it. Cancer is still not a curable disease in today’s society so money for research would be very valuable for us all because then we would know how to prevent it in the future.
The American Red Cross is also a good organization to take apart in. The American Red Cross helps aid places and countries that have been hit with natural disasters and need relief. The American Red Cross has helped in places such as Texas and Puerto Rico who have recently been destroyed by hurricanes in the past few months. They help rebuild and regrow societies who have been destroyed while providing resources they cannot get access to.
Furthermore, these five charitable organizations are very important in today’s society and are constantly in need of funding to help them keep running. They help people not only in our country but in others too. So, this “Giving Tuesday” I encourage people to reach in their pockets and donate some money to help others this holiday season.