Gordon Hayward Coming to Boston

Marque Centeio 9/20/17

Gordon Hayward is a shooting guard who was selected 9th in the NBA draft by the Utah Jazz in the 2010 draft. He made his first NBA All-Star game in 2017 after his 7th season in the league prior to signing with the celtics over the summer. Born in a small town of Brownsburg just outside Indiana’s capitol, Gordon grew up loving basketball in a state that embraces the sport above all overs.

Why Gordon coming to Boston is such a big deal because he is a type of player Boston needs. It would’ve been hard having to decide whether to start Avery Bradley or Gordon Hayward but during the offseason this summer, The Celtics had traded Avery Bradley to the Pistons for Marcus Morris. Now that we lost one one of our best players at the shooting guard position, Hayward fits right in his place. Having Hayward join the team is also good because the celtics are in the east and the more people we get to build up the team, the farther we go and having more of a chance to have a better chance on beating the cavs in playoffs.The Celtics are coming off a No.1 seed and Danny Ainge claims to have a bunch of goodies up his sleeve to make this team more of an impact to other bigger and stronger teams. Boston was his first choice out of 3 different teams that were interested in him and leaving the Jazz was the best move he could’ve made because the minute he signed, he was already closer to a championship that he ever would’ve in Utah. Also reuniting with his college coach at Butler University, Brad Stevens was a main impact for him to sign

There are also the people who think this wasn’t a smart move for Hayward and Boston. People think he doesn’t address Boston’s needs because of his scoring ability. Hayward’s ability to score could take the scoring away from Isaiah Thomas which is a big deal. Isaiah Thomas lead us in every game of the 2016-2017 season. He also lead us on top of the No.1 seed. With them both needing the ball in their hands can not only make an issue between them, but the team play too. There isn’t much downfall on him joining the celtics, it’s only the 2% of the fans who disagree with the signing but now they don’t have to worry about Hayward and Isaiah going for the ball because Thomas got traded to the Cavs for Kyrie Irving.

Personally in my opinion, I think it was a smart move for not only Hayward, but the team itself because of all the trades and releasings that went on this offseason makes him the perfect fit. People thought of him and Isaiah fighting for the ball because they’re the two scorers but Thomas got traded for Kyrie. Now even though Kyrie is also a great point guard, he’s more of a flashy type which means he’d be willing to pass and will know to have patience when someone else has the ball. The 2017-18 team is full of young guys, having Kyrie at the One. Gordon at the Two sport, Jayson Tatum at the three, Marcus Morris at the four, and Al Horford at the five. Having a young team shows the rebuilding process the Celtics are making.

I think the Celtics are going to be a team to lookout for again just like they were last year. I also think that having a team full of young guys is a good thing for Hayward because in Utah, he is used to being around young guys so joining the Celtics and the young team makes him a good fit because our young guys are good players and not washed up young guys like the Jazz have. Having a lot of scorers on a team can sound like a problem when it’s a good thing because you can’t just have one person doing at all for a team unless you’re LeBron and there’s only one LeBron in the league. Kyrie is a quick athletic flashy point guard who will make a great fit in Boston. Tatum was drafted 3rd pick in this years draft to the Celtics who averaged 17 points a game in college at Duke. Morris has been in the league for numerous years with many different teams and Al Horford has been in the league for numerous years coming back for another season on the Celtics. Overall I think the signing of Gordon Hayward was a great decision for not only him but Boston and I can’t wait for the season to start.