How Freshmen Experience Winter Sports 2017

Anna DiBona                                                                                              November 29, 2017


Freshmen come into MHS, not sure what to expect as they walk through the front doors. Principal Paul Branagan tells the whole class of 2021 to “get involved” and to “make this year great!” Well, many  freshmen’s took this in mind and decided to sign up for winter sports that started Monday 27, 2017. Winter sports include girls and boys basketball, swim, winter track, wrestling, and hockey.


Lady Sachem basketball started off with two days of tryouts that took place on Monday and Tuesday this week from 3:45-5:30pm at the Kindergarten school. Ten freshmen tried out for the team. Varsity Coach Colon and JV Coach Pena evaluated all of the players and have set teams ready for practice on Wednesday. Freshmen Aileen Peddie states that “Practice is really intense, but a great learning experience.” Another Freshmen, Amanda Bukunt says “I had an idea of what I was walking into, but it is so great to be part of a team as a freshmen.”


Boys basketball started off their tryouts on Monday which started at 5:30pm at the High School gym. Coach Fernando had high expectations for the many freshmen boys that were trying out for the team. Freshmens have the opportunity to make the Varsity team, JV team, or the Freshmen team. Ten freshmen boys are currently trying out for the team.


Winter track also started on Monday with a practice from 2:30-4:00pm on the track or in the gym. Coach Sean Kinney and Assistant Coach Jacqui May-Beaton don’t cut anyone from the team, and encourage anyone to join. The team splits from the long distance runners to the sprinters. Freshmen, Julia Massé states “There’s this really amazing feeling of camaraderie that I feel already on the team that I haven’t really experienced with any other sport before.” This just goes to show how much freshmens are getting involved and feel like a team. Another freshmen, Cassadi Arena said “It’s really fun and not at all serious, it’s really about self work, and how far you push yourself.”


The swim team started practicing on Monday 3:00-5:30pm at the Mary K. Goode Elementary school. Coach Morano, Everett, and Siciliano don’t let their kids take it easy with their long practices and tiring workouts. Freshmen Annette Small states “Practice is tiring and makes you hungry.” She also goes on to say “The practices are very strenuous.” Swim is a great sport to help you stay in shape and be very competitive in a way that is very independent.


Hockey started two weeks before all of the other winter sports, at the Bridgewater Ice rink and Wrestling started on Monday in the cafeteria. Hockey starts at 5:00 am before school everyday and sometimes they have practice after school on a double session day. Wrestling happens in the cafeteria after school at the high school. Freshmen, Jake Dagesse states “Hockey is really tiring, and takes place right when I wake up.” He also goes on to say “I can’t wait to be a senior on the hockey team.”


Winter sports are a great way for freshmen to get involved in the Middleboro High school as Paul Branagan suggested. The freshmen are the future athletes of MHS so coaches and upperclassmen take the time to help them and guide them. Winter sports help Freshmen become Sachems and bleed the Middleboro High school colors, black and orange!