How is an Average Senior Affected By COVID-19?

Is Graduation postponed? Are we going to have Senior Finals? Senior Week? Have the College Deadlines changed? What about my Graduation party? Am I even going to have the credits I need to have to graduate from High School? These are all questions that every Senior in High School, sitting at home, is asking themselves, their parents, teachers and principals.  Sadly, most of these questions are not able to be answered at this point by any one person. 

Photo by Sean Siciliano

When the Class of 2020 started their senior year we never would have thought that a month and a half  of our school year would be canceled due to a worldwide pandemic. This unprecedented situation has not only created many questions, but it has also changed many other plans. Advanced Placement test dates have been changed. Test platforms and questions have been adjusted. A lot is changing. As a senior you work on scholarship applications, college applications, final test scores, graduation requirements on top of the classes you are already required to attend and pass. This is a lot to handle with no changes to the senior schedule. 

It is important to keep your head up seniors! We are a very strong class with  a very strong leadership. The Class of 2020 of Middleboro High School is surely going to be remembered forever. They were the class that had to deal with Triple E in the fall sports season. They had the Coronavirus pandemic during their final semester of their High School years. On top of this they are the final class to graduate from the old Middleboro High school building. What a legacy. 

UPDATE April 21, 2020: Middleborough Public Schools will be closed through the remainder of the school year. 

For seniors I know this is very tough. We have spent twelve years waiting for our senior week and especially our graduation. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our senior plans. Remember however we move forward, We will FINISH STRONG!

UPDATE April 23, 2020:

Senior Week will take place July 27 – August 1, 2020
Monday, July 27 – Senior BBQ – Time and Location – TBD
Tuesday, July 28 – Senior Scholarship Night – Time TBD
This event may need to be held earlier due to potential financial need in regard to college decision making for our seniors. We are researching this and will share if this event needs to be held earlier due to any scholarship implications.
Wednesday, July 29 – Senior Last Assembly – Time TBD
Thursday, July 30 – Senior Prom – Granite Links, Quincy, MA.
Friday, July 31 – Senior Celebration – TBD
Saturday, August 1 – Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony – Time TBD
Over the next many weeks, we will begin our planning for the Senior Week Celebration. We will keep you updated every step of the way. However, it is important to understand our engagement of each of these events will be based on federal, state and local guidelines at that time. If these events are not able to be held in the manner in which we intend, we will be forced to engage in a virtual experience for many of these events, including graduation.