How Tired are You?


By: Eric Grady

After a school vacation of fun filled activities, staying up till 4 in the morning and enjoying noschool it is your first day back to school. You wake up to the sound  of your alarm clock ringing and you try to feel for the snooze button. You look at your alarm clock and it says 5:15 AM and you think to yourself Whyyyyy do I have to Wake up?

You get into school and see conversations of friends and mostly frowny faces because everyone is so tired. As you walk in you hear the chorus of yawning and you know it is the first day back from vacation.

Here are some ways that you can help yourself with this tiredness after vacation:

  1. Have your New Year’s Resolution Push You to do your Best

My new year’s resolution was to better in math and try my hardest. This is part of school but your’s does not have to be. It could be a better person or be a better athlete for your school hockey team. These resolutions could be used to push you in school. My math class was first period and I was a rockstar, answering all the questions, taking good notes and trying my best. This made me not as tired. I noticed I was not as tired. Why would that be? With my brain focused on my resolution it started to open up and got less tired.

  1. 5 hour Energy? Do not do that… Have a good Breakfast!

A good start to the day all ways is a good thing. Many high school kids including me do not eat breakfast regularly. This is not good. The protein and carbs that you eat will fill you so that during math class you are not thinking about food  and are concentrated on math. You do not have to have a pancake breakfast buffet style. Even a cup of orange juice and a cup of cereal will work it will help your brain concentrate.  

Don’t Be Like Sleepy The Dwarf!

Sleepy the dwarf is one of 7 dwarfs from the movie Snow White. He is very sleepy.He is the first animated character seen in the movie Snow White. He is known for his laziness and weary eyes.  You do not want to be like him! Right? This cartoon is not the only one who represents this. Other ones include Garfield, Sleeping Beauty and many others.  


Are You Really Tired Now?

In Conclusion, sleepiness after school vacation can be stopped by motivation and good healthy choices at Breakfast. The frowny faces seen walking into to school should all be smiles and everyone should be happy to know you can fix this problem.These tips might not fix the cartoon characters though. Characters like garfield and sleepy will stay the funny little characters they are and good entertainment. As for you, next vacation use these tips and change what you are like after a long fun filled school vacation.