MHS Swim Team: Boys Medley Relay and Divers Dive Into Sectionals

 Dylan Legendre



After a long and tough season the boys swim team went 3-5 with 3 wins and 5 losses. They might have not won many meets but they do hold some records. The four boys John Boersdam, Rory Brennan, Brian Pham, and Michael Abban are on the boys Medley Relay team with a time making it to sectionals. Michael Abban swimming the freestyle, John Boersdam swimming the breaststroke, Rory Brennan swimming the backstroke, and Brian Pham swimming the Butterfly. The boys only have to shave off 2 seconds of their time to make it to states but first they have to focus on their time at sectionals.

        They say they know they can make it to states they just have to work on their turns a little more. They are willing to make it to states and beat their time at sectionals. Brian with a time of 25.61 seconds in the 50 fly, Michael with a time of 27.05 seconds in the 50 free, John with a time of 32.23 seconds in the breaststroke, and Rory with a time of 28.77 in the backstroke. Their final time being a 1:53.76 which is a fast enough time to make it to sectionals. Michael and Brian as freshmen going to sectionals is an amazing accomplishment, so congrats to them and their next four years at MHS. As Rory and John are seniors they hope they are able to make it to states for their last year and maybe win states as well.

        They still have a long week ahead of them before the big meet. Let’s hope they shave off that 2 seconds. Make sure to be at sectionals on Sunday night to cheer them on at the MIT Regional College, good luck boys!

        The Relay team is the only ones who made it to sectionals. We have divers too! There are 3 divers that made sectionals, there are two girls and one boy. For the boys you have to qualify for at least a 180 and for states you qualify with a 190 at least twice throughout the season.  Declan Hastings who qualified for sectionals and states with a score of 208.85 crushing the score you have to make it to states and doing it two times. Declan is only a sophomore and just finished his second year making it to sectionals. Good job Declan!

        Next there are two girls who made it to sectionals, and one of them made states as well. First Niki Hart, a sophomore who qualifies for states and sectionals with a whopping score of 195.22, and this is her first year of diving! The last diver is Sabrina who qualified for just sectionals but is an amazing diver. She qualified for sectionals with a score of 185.47 and she has done it twice to make it. Make sure to come watch their diving at MIT regional college on Saturday for the girls and Sunday for the boys also make sure to order some tickets now at the MIAA website now.