Middle School Girls Basketball Tryouts

Kara McManus


The future of Lady Sachems Basketball starts with the success of the Nichols Middle School Tigers Girls Basketball team. With an undefeated season 2 years ago, the members of the winning season, are now in high school . The youngest of that group are now finishing their middle school careers and will begin to look onto their high school basketball careers. Tryouts for the middle schoolers are being held throughout  the week of 11/13.

        The new season is accompanied by a new coach who has had plenty of experience as the JV high school girls basketball coach.  Kelly Rich, a gym teacher at NMS has been leading the tryouts that started Wednesday night. She is looking forward to a season, where the girls will learn how to work hard, and be a team.

        With help from Varsity Sachem girls, the tryouts went smooth, and drills were explained in depth. The younger girls picked up on the new workouts, and tried their best to do them correctly. Challenging each other when they try the new task, every time.

        The 24 girls that trying out for the team, each show their natural skill during scrimmages that take place towards the end of the tryout. The main focus is to see who has the athletic ability, and capability. The girls that possess these qualities, will most likely be the ones that are given a spot on the team. The only qualities of the players are not only just skill-based, but the attitude that the players will contribute to the team are key for a successful season. With positive reinforcement, the younger players will be persuaded to continue their basketball careers, even if they don’t make the 2017-2018 team.

        Typically, in middle school sports, Coaches tend to keep a “practice squad”. Practice squad consists of a few member, that are typically on the younger side. These players will not get playing time in games but they are considered a part of the team. They practice, and travel with the team to all of their games. This allows the development of younger players to increase, and creates a brighter future for not only the middle school program, but the high school program as well.

        The players are looking good, with a strong group of eighth graders that will lead the team. Some of these eighth graders were members of the undefeated season from two years ago. With the knowledge of how a successful team runs, these girls will be able to provide solid leadership throughout games and practices. They will guide the younger, less-experienced girls to be able to have the passion that they have for basketball.

        The season is looking strong, with a good group of girls trying out. The bond that could be created will show the future of Sachem Girls basketball, and will foreshadow how their season will go. The upcoming basketball season for Middleboro is looking up, and the teams are beginning to prepare for the winter.