Middleborough’s Extended Learning Engagement Plan Gives Students an Opportunity to Keep Their Skills Fresh

Around the world, COVID-19 has had a staggering effect on global education. Students of all grades are no longer able to attend school due to school closures. Measures are being taken to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Closing schools is a way to try and keep students, staff, and their families safe during this dangerous pandemic.  This disruption is unfortunately going to leave long lasting consequences for global education around the world.  

Going to school 5 days a week allows students an available tool to raise skills, knowledge, and ability. Being out of school for a few weeks now with no education is going to affect students’ skill growth. Forgetting what we have learned, not being exposed to lessons for weeks, teachers not being able to teach what they need to, and a long period of time being taken away where students would be learning is going to affect everyone. 

The closure of schools, universities, and colleges not only damages the teaching for students; the closure also corresponds with an important assessment period and many key exams, SAT’S, and the MCAS have either been postponed or cancelled. Some of these important assessments correspond to colleges, but students are not able to take the assessments at this time. COVID-19 has brought many struggles to world-wide education and a new measure has been taken to keep students engaged in their academics. 

Many school districts have switched to virtual learning until school opens up again. On Monday, April 6, 2020, Middleboro High School will start their extended learning engagement plan. Students will be given assignments on a weekly basis and students will have the opportunity to virtually talk to their teachers and other classmates. Online learning will have its challenges but it is important to keep learning and keep our skills fresh until school opens again. 

In order to keep everyone safe during this horrific virus, school being closed is best for everyone’s health. Although virtual learning is going to bring many challenges between teachers, students, and families it will keep the students engaged in academics and learning. No one knows what will happen next, how virtual learning will work, and how school being closed for months will affect everyone, but for now safety is the main priority. COVID-19 has and will continue to leave difficult challenges for global education.