Abby Sheehan



Music can cause many changes in the human body it can affect your emotions and some people even let music affect their physical appearance. When someone listens to sad music people will typically  feel as if their mood declines quite a bit. We tend to listen to music that we relate to, that is why when one is sad they will typically listen to slower songs, or when someone is happy they will listen to more upbeat music.

        Everyone in the world has music in their lives whether or not they like it. Music is everywhere now a days. You hear music on the radio, in commercials, tv shows, movies, and many more objects you may encounter during your everyday life. Music is used to sell products, set the mood of tv shows and movies, educate the listener, and even used for therapy.


Music itself can make us feel a certain way towards a product being sold. A good example of this is the ASPCA commercials. In case you can not recall what these particular commercials are, they are the commercials that have all the sad animals that have been neglected and abused. The commercials always has the song Arms Of An Angel playing in the background. The commercial would be sad no matter if they have the song or not, but the lyrics and the way the song is in general adds to the overall mood.

In many ways music has been used to manipulate and control the way we feel about certain things. I feel as if music should be put more towards what music is meant for; to make people calm, focused, and make us happy. I personally love music and I do not like the path it  is going down.