Ilana Thomas


Mrs. Milani

9 May 2018


        Organizational skills are imperative for students to acquire during their years of schooling because it creates a foundation of responsibility and maturity for them beginning at a young age. Unknowingly, all children develop their skills beginning in preschool. Most preschools establish a system of cubbies, where kids store their belongings at their start of their day. This allows them to organize their possessions within their own personal storage area. As they grow older, they are introduced to agendas/planner, where they are able to record their assignments and homework. Most schools offer planners to their student body, which also provides important school information, such as the handbook or essential upcoming dates to record. This form of organization presents the students with a way to keep track of events, appointments, due dates, etc. It increases their productivity and allows them to prioritize their work by importance.

As they approach high school, they encounter a more busy and non-stop schedule in which they require a daily updated schedule. Students often balance a life consisting of sports, school work, a job, and a friends/family life and attempting to maintain this agenda mentally may be extremely difficult for a teenager to handle. Utilizing a planner divides their schedule individually and helps them remember important events and will decrease their chances of forgetting it. Other than a planner, there are countless tools students are open to use to construct a more improved and efficient school life, such as color coded folders/notebooks, each designated to a class. This efficiently arranges a student’s class work and notes by color, enabling them to easily retrieve their work in a more proper manner. Containing only a single notebook for all the student’s courses is unproductive and unuseful. Although a five subject appears to be a more practical notebook to purchase, it is more complex to search for a specific page with approximately three classes worth of notes. By constructing a color code system, it separates class notes, making it easier to find information and study for tests.

While at home, establishing a study environment is constructive because attempting to locate the materials needed to accomplish a paper may take a significant amount of time. Creating a designated area to complete homework will save time and will allow students to sort their materials and organize it in a proper manner. Maintaining a neat and clean environment is vital, so their belongings remain in tact and they are ready to be used when needed.

Not only does organization help students and increase the likelihood of them completing assignments in a timely manner, but it also reduces a lot of extra stress from their lives. When a child comes home from a long stressful day of school, the last thing the want to see is their room a disaster, but they still don’t have the energy to clean it. If they take the time over the weekend to clean up their room and organize their belongings, the stress of stepping over clothes or finding something you need will no longer exist, and will all around make you feel more confident when starting the day. Organization is a key part in life, if you’re not organized, everything will become even harder to find, and that’ll just add on as more unnecessary stress.