Packing College Essentials

Journalism #1


5/11/18 Packing College Essentials

By: Sydney Curpenski


College as a whole can be an extremely stressful time in a young adolescent’s life. Moving to a place where you most likely do not know anyone can be nerve racking; getting settled, making friends, keeping up with school work etc. Packing and feeling prepared for this new chapter in life can make all of the difference when the time comes. Preparation is key to keeping your stress levels at an all time low, especially when the future ahead can seem so uncertain. A few easy tips will help you to achieve the most successful packing for the months ahead away from home.

First think about your bedding and the desired style of your room. If you are unsure about these choices, opt for white sheets, a white throw blanket, and a white comforter. You can always spice things up with decorative pillows and a colored tapestry. It is always better to keep it simple when you are deciding on room design. It is easier to add color than to take it away. Start plain at first, but don’t be too indecisive. Bedding can always be changed throughout your college stay.

Next thing is thinking about the whole shower situation. Most of you will be sharing a shower, and bathing facilities, with a bunch of other girls on your floor. Make sure that when heading into college you have a nice pair of flip flops. You do not want to be getting warts right off the bat from those dirty shower floors. The colleges do not provide shampoo and conditioner, so make sure you buy all of those necessary supplies head of time as well. A shower caddy is the easier way to go. This way you will have all of your body products and personal hygiene tools all together in one area. This will keep you organized and lead to better success and less stress in the long run.

In college, organization is key. Make sure that you invest in a variety of bins. Depending on closet space you may need one for underwear, socks, etc. Besides all of those private things, you will need an organization bin for makeup, hair products, school supplies, and many more things. I would recommend a bin that is multi-tiered and rolls around. It is easy to roll something around rather than having to move it with sheer force. Organization is the key to success in college because with the amount of work you will have, no time can be wasted on digging around for work and materials. You will also want to bring a plethora of notebooks and folders. Keeping your work organized is just as important as keeping your materials organized.

No matter where you go to school, or what your major is, preparation is a beautiful life skill that should be learned by everyone. Preparation is the pathway to success, and helps you get ready for adult life. In college, procrastination can never be a thing, so being prepared for any task ahead will ensure that you get your work done in a timely fashion. The college experience can be very stressful in anticipation, but once you learn the ropes you will be just fine. Packing correctly and figuring out what to bring is a huge aspect of college planning, and will allow you to have a pleasant first year experience.