Pros and Cons of getting a Puppy

Brianna Alden

May 10, 2018

Pros and Cons of getting a Puppy

        There is always pros and cons to everything you do, just like when you get a dog. Dogs are adorable, if you don’t like dogs you are nuts! If you don’t like puppies you are even more crazy!! Puppies are so sweet and pure, so sleepy and flat out adorable. They are a lot to handle and to take care of. They need constant love and attention, but I promise it’ll all pay off. There are so many pros and cons, and things you’ll need when getting a new puppy. But who would want to miss out on the soft, fluffy ears. The tail wagging everytime they see you or get excited, even the drool coming out of their mouth. Even when they beg to eat your food, it’s all so pure and adorable. I have always wanted a dog of my own. Some cons may be really hard to get around but if you really want a dog like I do, the cons aren’t that bad.

        If you ask me personally there are a ton of reasons why everyone should have a dog. Owning a dog has so many pros that go along with it. A dog offers a companion everywhere you go, to the beach, on hikes, roadtrips, walks, literally everywhere. They also are known to lower blood pressure and make you a happier person. My personal favorite, they are amazing snuggle buddies and they are so darn cute. Everything dogs do is just so cute. They are always there for you when you are sad. Dogs can make anyones’ life better, especially elders. When elders have company it keeps them distracted, having a dog would be a distraction all the time and would make them happy and feel youthful. Dogs have so much love and affection for people especially for their owners, just that love alone will make anyone day so much better. To kids, their dog is their best friend. I think growing up with dogs shows kids how to love and how to build healthy relationships. Kids that didn’t grow up with pets definitely are missing out of that type of love. Dogs also bring their owner the feeling that they are always safe with them. Dogs are very protective over their owner which makes the owner feel very safe and comfortable around them.

        There are cons to getting a new dog, just like there is cons to everything. Dogs are a lot of money, but they are worth every dime. There are fees to buying a dog and adopting it, their food, leashes, dog crates, etc. Also, vet bills can get expensive. Some dog breeds are unhealthier than others and have many health problems so depending on the breed, vet bills will be more expensive than others. Some shots that the vet say dogs need they really don’t need them it’s just more money being spent. Another factor for the expense of dogs is grooming. Depending on the breed of dog, grooming can get a little pricey. When your dog is still puppy it will need training, which is also sometimes expensive. Training is hard for some owners because while your puppy is being trained it needs to be disciplined so your dogs will learn. Many owners can’t be strict and disciplined because there dogs are too cute or they feel mean. You can’t reward a bad dog, if they did something bad you need to put your foot down, if they don’t, their dog will be like that its whole life. Money is a huge con for getting a dog because everything cost so much money. I wouldn’t consider this absolutely a con, for me anyways, but dogs do require a lot of your time throughout the day. Especially puppies because they have to go out every 2 hours so no accidents happen in the house. Dogs also need a lot of exercise to stay healthy.       

        When getting a new puppy there are many things you have know about and get beforehand so you are prepared. Get a veterinarian so when you get the new puppy, it will be all set to go get shots. You’ll also need a brush or any grooming tools at home to brush your puppy so fur doesn’t get all over the place, it’s so they shed less. A collar, leashes, and an identification tag would be incredibly helpful. Don’t forget about food, that is very important to always have. This isn’t as needed but I would get a microchip because if your dog runs away or gets lost the microchip can track where they are.  You will also need a dog bed for them to sleep, definitely some toys for them to play with. A carrier or crate will be very useful to have when you bring them to the vet or somewhere in the car. You can also set up some type of training for your puppy so they are well behaved. Even though this seems like a lot of things you need for your new puppy, most of it you only need to buy it once and you don’t have to worry about it again, like a leash, collar, dog tags, toys, etc.

        There are so many pros to owning a dog and so many cons as well. Personally no con would change my mind about owning dogs. Dogs are so pure and innocent, that all dogs should have a home. Even though the cons are a lot to manage especially how much money that is going to be spent to take care of them, it is 100% worth it. Also the things that you need to get them so they are happy and healthy can get a little expensive as well. Owning a dog also gives you a head start to how life will be raising a child. You will already know how to love, provide, teach, share, enjoy, discipline, worry, laugh, cry, and eventually let go. You should be willing to make a 10-15 year commitment to your dog. The pros will always outweigh the cons.