Recent School Shootings

Cameron Rideout

Recent School Shootings

Through the last few years there are been a rapid increase in school shooting across the nation and across the entire world. Most of the school that are shot up tend to be high schools and some colleges. The thing that is very interesting about the shootings that do take place in these schools is to find out what drove the student to commit these horrifying crimes.

During the last year, multiple schools across the U.S. have been impacted by shootings, which have resulted in the deaths of both students and faculty members.. The first school shooting i am going to be talking about is ‘’Salvador B. Castro Middle School, California. On thursday February 1 the person who open fired at Salvador B. Castro Middle School, California was just a small little girl who was only 12 years old.  The little 12 year old brought a loaded handgun with her in her bag as she walk through the door when she first arrives at school. ‘’Police interviewed the 12-year-old student and agreed the shooting was accidental. She was booked in a juvenile detention center on suspicion of negligently discharging a firearm on school grounds.’’The shooting first happened all because the handgun that she had was fully loaded it discharged and one of the shots hot a 15 year old boy which has not put him into critical condition. There was another shot that went off and that other shot hit a young 15 year old girl in the wrist. This just goes out to show that any kid boy or girl at any age 7 or 18 can walk into your school with a weapon like a gun and open fire which can cause serious injury or death upon innocent people and students

The next school shooting which was very popular and big news was the one that took place at Italy High School in Texas. The thing that is very sad and disturbing about this story is that the kid who opened fired at this high school was a 16 year old sophomore boy. The boy came into school and had this plan for one girl to hurt or kill her. The 16 year old boy came up and engaged with the 15 year girl he has been fighting with and he opened fire at the kid and shot 7 shots in a semi handgun. The 16 year old sophmore who took the shot was taken into custody.’’“I did know that the guy that was shooting was mad at the girl because she had left him for somebody else,” Danaisia McCowan claimed while speaking to FOX4. “So he shot at one guy and missed him, and then he shot at her.

The next school shooting i am going to be talking about is the shooting that took place at Rancho Tehama Elementary School in cali. The reason why this school shooting story caught my attention was because the school shooting took place at an elementary school.’’ A man in Northern California went on a random shooting rampage on Nov. 14, 2017, killing five people and wounding at least a dozen adults and children before authorities shot and killed him.
The gunman, who was later identified as Kevin Neal, 44, rammed a car into the gates of Rancho Tehama Elementary School and shot at its portable classrooms. He repeatedly tried to get into a kindergarten classroom but quick-thinking staff locked the school down, and he eventually stormed off.Neal reportedly targeted the elementary school as part of a long-running feud with neighbors.. It would seem to be that the man will plead for insanity or he was intoxicated but it’s neither. He simply had the plan to fall out with the attack that he planned due to him and his neighbors constantly fighting.

Another school shooting that took place was the one at  Mattoon High School in Illinois . The really only upside and beightsde to something tragic as those even is that in this one only one student has hurt and none were killed.’’A male student shot and injured a fellow student at a central Illinois high school on Sept. 20, 2017. The shooting unfolded in Mattoon High School’s cafeteria around 11:30 a.m., officials said at the time.One female teacher intervened and successfully subdued and disarmed the gunman — a move Mattoon Police Chief Jeff Branson said at the time was “pivotal.” The boy was taken to the hospital who was shot by his classmate

The last school shooting that has also occurred is the one that unfolded at Freeman High School in Washington.’’A 15-year-old student opened fire on fellow classmates at a Washington state high school on Sept. 13, 2017, killing one, investigators said. Caleb Sharpe, the suspected gunman, said the student who died had bullied him’’ while he was on his rampage with his handgun the gun stalled and a student ran up to him and tried to stop it but was pushed off and then’’A school janitor was hailed a hero after he was able to subdue the alleged shooter.’’’’Three other students were wounded in the attack’’’’. According to court documents, Sharpe told officials that he brought the two guns to school to “teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others.” This kid who did kill one in his school shooting cam there with a purpose and that purpose was to kill and get rid of a kid who has been teasing him and taunting him as well as bullying him through high school so the 16 year old did what he thought was right and he took action and opened fired killing the one boy who he wanted to and the hurt 3 other boys who have no relation into the shooting.

All these shooting have a few things in common. They all were hot up by student or kids that are enrolled at the high school ir they  have somewhat of a relation with the school or the people in it. Since all of these school shooting teachers students and schools across the nation have been training and preparing for a day like this to come but praying that the day they are preparing for new comes.