School Dress Code

Emily Nelson October 18, 2017

School dress code has been a huge debate for quite some time. The question is whether or not there should even be a dress code. In my personal opinion it shouldn’t even be in the school handbook because they are just clothes. Children and teens all over, should have an option to wear what they want and not be scared that a teacher or principal will send them to the office if they don’t agree with what they are wearing, or just don’t like what they are wearing.  Many teachers could have a biased opinion about a type of clothing which isn’t fair either and may disagree with your outfit due to their opinion. Also where do you draw the line as to what is “appropriate” and what isn’t?

Much of the dress code is aimed towards girls in particular. Which is also unfair to us girls. If the dress code rules do not fit for both genders it shouldn’t be part of the handbook. Along with that, schools also proclaim that the clothing might distract another student, mostly meaning girls clothing will distract boys education. So why is it that a man’s education is more important than a woman’s education? You are distracting a woman’s education by making her change and or, go home because their outfit is to “distracting”. It doesn’t seem fair and shouldn’t be a rule if they are looking for “equality” for both genders. Schools should be teaching other students to not be distracted by what others wear and to focus what’s really important and why we are all there for, to get an education. Not to constantly take away from another student by their clothing choice.

Another thing is that, suppressing a student’s choice of wardrobe is also limiting them on how they express themselves. If they can not have a choice as to what they want to wear, it will only anger them instead of solve any problems. Not only is words and actions used to express yourself, but the clothes you wear also do that aswell. If a person constantly wears black and nothing else, you can make a judgment if you will, that that person enjoys wearing black. Constantly suppression choices a student can make such as choosing their own outfits, means they can no longer be themselves. Choosing clothes is an everyday thing for everyone. And if they can cut down on the dress code, what else can they cut down on for students. School is a place to learn not a fashion show, so why would it matter what a student wears. Clothes may seem like a grain of salt in the education system, but to the students it is frustrating to have to worry whether or not what you are wearing is deemed appropriate by whoever might stop you that day. Every person has there own idea as to what is appropriate and what is not, so who is to say where the line is crossed.