School privileges and what’s best for the students

Hannah Kelley September 21, 2017


Today’s generation is by far different from when my parents went to school. My parents barely had any homework or stressed as much as students do today. A known fact that has been proven by scientists was that students have more trouble focusing early in the morning than they would later in the day and that schools should start later. I agree with this theory because coming from someone with ADD , it makes school even more complicated especially when it’s too early to focus. By holding the bell just an hour later would improve students intake on processing information and being able to pay attention. Teachers should not be giving homework when students are in school for 6 hours everyday. The school staff needs to understand that out of school plenty of kids have jobs and obligations. Kids have tough home lives as well and will not be able to bust out 4 hours of homework every night, it’s just not likely. There should also be some slack for high school students. Since students come to school and parents are paying taxes for us to be here we should have some in school privileges.

First issue is dress code. Now before we get into it, yes there should be some restrictions on dress code but not how the rules are now. The rules right now go overboard. If someone wants to wear a shirt with something” inappropriate” on it, then let them. Its their lives and their education.Teachers are just too concerned about how students dress when really they should just be coming to work to do their job which is to teach. Their not getting paid to tell us what’s right and wrong to wear. Everyone has their own opinions. Arguing over dress code won’t get us anywhere because half the time students don’t listen anyway.  In today’s handbook girls can’t even get away with showing your shoulders because it “distracts” other students. I know the teachers are just doing their jobs and what they are told but schools should try and rethink the handbook.

Second issue is school privileges. During lunch students should be able to leave to get something to eat and come back before the bell rings. Overall, we are all in high school. I would hope we are all responsible enough to make a quick errand and return back. If someone is old enough to have a car and has their license they should be able to complete a quick task. In this case what it all comes down to is everyone’s education. If someone does not want to pay attention, let them not pay attention. Its their lives and their education and its up to them to where they want to go in life. It’s not up to the teachers to decide. The teachers shouldn’t be babying students in high school. High school is a great opportunity for someone to learn responsibility not be babied throughout the day.

Overall, I think that schools should be more relaxed about what students do and should consider what’s best for our health and what will help us focus more. This needs to change so it can better the students and let them feel more relaxed and less stressed.