Should singers and actresses get paid more than doctors and people serving our country?

Hannah Kelley

October 25, 2017


Actors and singers now a days make so much more than people who actually help this country and save lives. All they have to do is sing one song or act one scene and they make millions unlike doctors who are actually saving people’s lives and don’t get nearly half the credit or the pay. It’s not fair because without doctors people would have no help or no one to rely on to get help if they were severely ill. Doctors do much more work than actors or singers. An actor for example doesn’t even direct the movie or show they are just being told what to and they get paid for that.

Actors and singers without a doubt don’t need or deserve all that money. That money should be going to someone that’s making a difference in this world such a people in the military trying to fix problems and make the world a better place by protecting our country, but no instead someone singing or acting makes 10 times more. Actors and singer get treated like absolute gods. The annoying part about all of this is once they get paid they don’t even put it towards anything beneficial they spend it on useless things.they don’t do any ard work. They don’t even know what hard work is. Doctors on the other hand go to school for years to do what they want to do and need to do and work their hardest to accomplish what they need to get done to be successful. Doctors and people in the military see so many gruesome things on a daily basis and deal with so many struggles. So it does not make sense when singers and actors make way more than people making a difference in the world. All singers and actors do is entertain people, they bring absolutely nothing to the table. Most of them half the time are bad at doing their jobs and push immoral behavior. The world would honestly be a better place without hollywood brainwashing children and pretending to be nice and amazing people which is not the case. Children worship them like gods when in reality they are just normal people like us but they have a label.

Yes I believe their should be some actors and singers to entertain but no I do not agree with how much they are being paid and the pedestal they are put on. A simple fix is to eliminate the amount of singers and actors and bring down the price and give that price to people that actually deserve and earn that paycheck. Actors and singers should deserve a really good paycheck but nothing like how they do now. We don’t need actors and singers they are just there to entertain people. People should be grateful for our doctors and the people in the military because we can’t live without them and without them this world would struggle so much.