Stressful Vacations


Sydney Curpenski



Any kind of trip can be extremely stressful. Whether it be going on senior trip or a last minute family vacation, preparation is always a pain in the butt. With senior trip approaching, this article is dedicated to tips and tricks on packing, preparation, and necessities of a vacation. Hopefully after you read this, you will be more confident in how to tackle the dreadful task of getting ready for your upcoming trip.

Getting ready is easy for some people, but not others. Having a limited amount of room in your bag can be the biggest cause of stress. DO NOT WORRY. Start by designating one outfit per day. This will help to eliminate any extra clothing that may cause chaos while packing. After you have ONE outfit per day, pack that first. This will help to only have what you absolutely need, and not all of the extra stuff you might not even wear.

Start by rolling up all of the shirts you have picked out. This will help to maximize space in your bag and keep the shirt as wrinkle free as possible. Place these in the bag. Next, roll up every shirt or short you have picked to wear throughout the week. This will also assist in creating more space within your bag.

After you have the necessities of clothing per day go on to pack underwear, bras, socks, and makeup. Pack one pair of underwear and one bra per day, including a couple of extras just in case. Place this into your bag as well. Next, pick a new extra pieces of clothing that would be most beneficial to your stay. Think about what realistically may be worn, and what you can stand to leave at home. Make sure to always have a nice tank and sweatpants for at night. If the weather calls for it, only pack two or three (MAX) bathing suits. Don’t forget at least one dress that is casual but can be dressed up depending on the occasion.

After packing all of the clothing, and undergarments, start packing shoes. Choose one pair of beach flip flops, a dressier sandal, and one pair of closed toed shoes. This should cover almost any scenario you could potentially be thrown into. Again, put those into the bag. Next push down on all of your clothes to compact everything, you still need to make room for accessories.

Accessories are probably the easiest thing to pack. Make sure you have one versatile belt, one pair of stud earrings, one pair of dressy earrings, and a nice hat. If you follow all of these steps, you should be on the path to success. After all of these above things are packed, and you still have a good amount of room, give yourself a three item leeway. These three items can be anything you want to bring.

All in all these tips and tricks should be extremely helpful in successfully packing for an upcoming trip. Make sure to leave a small amount of room for anything you may buy on vacation. It could be a suveniir or clothing. Good luck to anyone who reads this and happy vacation!!!