Giving Tuesday

Adriana Morrison 11/27/17 As we just passed Thanksgiving, many people spent the day celebrating the holiday with their family and friends and even going Black Friday shopping for the upcoming holiday season. With everyone shopping for their friends and family, this leaves opportunity for people to help donate to different charities to

Should we allow refugees into the US?

Adriana Morrison 10/16/17 In our world, there are many continuing conflicts growing against many of our countries now a days. These conflicts stem from women’s rights, religion, territory, power, money, etc. These factors commonly cause civil wars between many lands leading to an unsafe society for the civilians living there. When this

Seniors deserve a break

Adriana Morrison 10/2/2017 As a senior in highschool, you have experienced nearly every aspect of school. You have spent 12 years in the schooling system, doing everything in your power to thrive. You’ve spent countless hours in this school doing classwork, homework, tests, quizzes…. you name it we’ve done it. After all