Why Gifts?

Alexa Epp 11/30/2017   It’s that time of the year again and no matter how excited I get about the wonderful cheer it begins to become stress central. As the dates come up so very quickly gift giving can be a struggle and the prices are slowly rising. People all over the world

Trump teases to expose secret files

Alexa Epp 10/26/2017   Today on Thursday the 26th of October the 3,000 pages within the JFK files were due to be released almost 50 years after the assassination of the president. The reason that these files were hidden from the public for so long was to maintain national control over the situation.

Harvey Weinstein

Alexa Epp October 19th 2017 Women through the decades have come a very long way in the world. We have become stronger and united and more powerful than ever. Yet we still allow people to take away our voice and our power. Women today don’t yet realize that power cannot be taken