Mother Faces felony charges after using a recorder to threaten school bullies

Andrew fields 11/30/17   In September of 2017 Sarah Sims, a mother of a fourth grader was facing felony charges just because she was trying to help her daughter catch her bullies in the act.  Sarah’s daughter was constantly complaining of her school bullies, she said she tried contacting the school but they

Group of Activists Drop Anti-Racism Sign From Green Monster

By: Andrew Fields- September 21, 2017                                           By: Andrew Fields                   Last Wednesday during the fourth inning of the Red Sox game against the Oakland Athletics, a sign was dropped from the green monster saying “Racism is as American As Baseball”. The shocking wording  depicted on the sign was

U.S Sanctions on North Korea

Middleborough High School

Andrew Fields, 9/12/17 Monday September 11, 2017, was an eventful day.  The United Nations Security Council meeting at the headquarters in New York was being held to talk about North Korea's actions towards testing a hydrogen bomb which was set off underneath a North Korean mountain known as Mount Mantap. After this