Greed Vs charity

Ben Gibson 11/30/2017     Giving Tuesday is meant to impress upon exhausted shoppers a sense of charity after tirelessly searching for deals throughout the widely recognized holiday shopping events known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday: an absolute about-face. If shoppers have a little extra money, they are encouraged through platforms like social

Wind Farms the Size of Alaska

Ben Gibson October 20, 2017 Could wind farms begin to satisfy the global demand for electricity? Researchers believe that wind farms twice the size of Alaska may be able to. Customary fuel sources used today are limited and dirty. Oil is depleting as we scramble to extract as much as possible. Coal is

(SIM)ators of Middleboro

 Ben Gibson 9/21/2017   A group of Middleboro High School students attended the Senate Immersion Module at the EMK Institute in Boston to experience the process in which senators adjourn. The junior Senators were to attempt to pass a “bill” reforming immigration. The pathway leading into the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston,

The New Generation of Apple iPhones

Middleborough High School

By Ben Gibson on September 14, 2017 In case you didn’t hear about the release of the new generation of iphones, here’s what you missed. Apple unveiled the two new iphone 8’s and the iphone X on September 12 during the 2017 Keynote Event at the new Apple Park, along with