Should We Be Required to Put Our Phones on Driving Mode While Driving?

Cass Golden November 11/14, 2017           Texting and driving, as well as phone usage as a whole continues to be one of the biggest problems in our country, and probably across the globe. A statistic from the National Safety Council Reports that cell usage while driving, “leads to 1.6 million

How Well Are Standardized Tests Measuring Our Abilities?

Cass Golden October 17, 2017 All around the globe students take some sort of standardized test, at some point in their lifetime, for a multitude of reasons. Some of the most popular standardized tests include the SATs and the ACTs, which are used to help determine if a student is fit

Teenagers with Jobs

Cass Golden September 20,2017   In Massachusetts, you can legally obtain a work permit at the age of fourteen. Most businesses won’t hire a teen that young though, however, that is around the time parents usually start urging their kids to start thinking about where they want to work. According to an

Hurricane Harvey Hits Hard

Middleborough High School

By: Cassaundra Golden     9/15/17 Last Week, the National Hurricane Center started tracking a storm developing in the Caribbean. As the week progressed the category 5 hurricane named Irma ripped the islands of the Caribbean devastating a number of them. On Sunday afternoon, the hurricane slammed into the Florida Keys. Although over