Top 10 most dangerous sea creatures

Dylan Letendre Top 10 most dangerous sea creatures       There are many dangerous creatures all over the planet and many more to be discovered. We have only searched 5 percent of the oceans geography meaning there could be much more dangerous creatures out there. One of the top 10 is

Fiercest animals of the wild

Fiercest animals of the wild Dylan Letendre The wild is known to some of the cutest animals on the planet, but is also known for some of the most deadly animals too. Number one on the most deadliest animals in the deathstalker, which is a scorpion. This deadly animal is responsible

MHS Swim Team: Boys Medley Relay and Divers Dive Into Sectionals

 Dylan Legendre 2/7/18   After a long and tough season the boys swim team went 3-5 with 3 wins and 5 losses. They might have not won many meets but they do hold some records. The four boys John Boersdam, Rory Brennan, Brian Pham, and Michael Abban are on the boys Medley Relay