Fake Accusations to Dupe the Post Go Wrong

Dyllan Welby 11/28/17   A woman hired by a right-wing activist group falsely claimed to have conceived a child with Roy Moore when she was 15, the newspaper reported on monday morning.   The woman was identified as Jaime T. Phillips by the paper. In other interviews she claimed to have had an abortion after

Are Dress Codes Beneficial in Schools?

Dyllan Welby 10/18/17 For years many schools have always had a dress code that determined whether or not students outfits were appropriate and allowed in school. Dress codes differ depending on the school but many public and private schools have some form of one.         Many people argue about whether or not

My first home and away game

Middleborough High School

By: Dyllan Welby   9/18/17 High school cheerleading is a lot different than middle school and all stars. But it’s also a lot more fun despite having more responsibility. The first Friday of school I had my first home game. When I first got there I was a little nervous since there

Unacceptable Working Conditions

Middleborough High School

By:Dyllan Welby September 13, 2017 Recently, many people have began to debate on whether or not it is acceptable to have television crews from news stations reporting in the middle of strong and dangerous storms. This past sunday morning, Bill Weir, a veteran CNN correspondent was talking to one of the